Saturday, March 29, 2008

Shopping Scenario Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's Sunday, time to grab your circulars, your fresh coupons, and plot your very best, most deal-worthy Shopping Scenarios!

Of course, we frugal faithful know that our planned scenarios can go awry. Items are out of stock, coupons don't work, and sometimes we simply don't get to all the stores we'd hoped to pillage visit each week.

But in the spirit of helpfulness, let's all post our most hopeful deal scenarios. Your ideas may help save someone else mucho cash.

And that, my dear frugal faithful, is a blessing indeed!


The Rules:

1. Post your best deal scenarios for the week at your blog; if you have details on coupons - including links to printables - share the info with the world and help everyone be more frugal with their time. Scenarios should be fair and honest - ethical couponing only, please.

2. Come back here and enter your URL for the post into the Mr. Linky box, along with a brief description about your post.

3. Comment once you've posted your linkage.

*Updated 3/30/08 - Rather than overwhelm this post, I'll post my Shopping Scenarios/Deals separately then add them to the Mr. Linkybox .

I'm hopeful that by sharing our scenarios, we will help everyone better plan their time for the upcoming week. Thanks in advance to everyone participating in the first ever Shopping Scenario Sunday!