Sunday, March 30, 2008

Shopping Scenario Sunday, March 30: KROGER

Frugal Faithful, grab your Kroger circular and prepare to save some serious $$ getting groceries this week!

Kroger is running a 10 Item Mega Event; buy 10 items (mix and match off the sale price lists of $1 items, $1.50 items, $2 items and $2.50 items) and receive an instant $5.00 off your purchase.

Limit of 3 rewards (buying 30 items and saving $15.00) per transaction.

In my region, this sale runs through April 13, 2008, so there is a lot of potential to make this deal work for you over the next two weeks.

Listed $1.00 items (with doubled coupons for $0.50, you may get many of these for free, creating an overage on your total bill!) for the 10 Item Mega Event (I'm in Cincinnati; this may vary region to region):


Pedigree Canned Dog Food, 22 oz

Gatorade Sports Drink, 32 oz

Sobe Lifewater, 20 oz

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, 6.8-8 oz

Lipton Side Dishes, Rice or Noodles, 4.1-6.4 oz

Haggen-Dazs, 4-4.23 oz or cup

Manwich Sloppy Joe Sauce, 15.16 oz

French's Mustard, 12-14 oz (*coupons in recent Sunday inserts for 0.50/1)

Hormel Chili with Beans, 15 oz (*coupons in recent Sunday inserts for $1/2)

Kroger Toaster Treats, 8 ct

Kroger Pretzels, 9-15 oz

Excedrin Extra Strength 10 ct vial (*coupons in recent Sunday inserts for $2/1 any size Excedrin! Overage!)

Hershey's Whoppers or Milk Duds, 10-12 oz

Betty Crocker Cake Mix, 18-18.4 oz

Pillsbury Biscuits and Crescent Rolls, 4-12 oz (*many, many coupons in recent Sunday inserts, 0.50/3 Biscuits and 0.50/1 Crescents)

There are also similar-sized lists of items sale priced at $1.50, $2.00, and $2.50. You can plan your shopping list to max out the 3o items/3 rewards per transaction and save $15.oo off your total transaction; with coupons on the individual items, you'll net some serious savings overall.

Check online at Kroger for what's available in your region. I know some of the regions (Atlanta) are already displaying the upcoming week's ad.

Do you have links to any printables for these products or the other products listed in the Kroger 10 Item Mega Event? Email me and I'll post them with credit back to your blog. Thanks!