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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

$24 in CVS Beauty Coupons: Reinventing Beauty Magazine

I found this goldmine at CVS today!

The magazine is in the Beauty section (in my CVS, it was stacked on a display). It's called Reinventing Beauty and is priced at $0.99 - a great filler price for your next transaction.

AND, for that $0.99 investment, you'll get TWO sets of coupons (you can see the green booklet in the picture above) valued at $12.00 each! One is stuck to the outside of the magazine; the other is inside.

Coupons include:

*$2/any Skin Effects purchase, exp. 6/30/08

*$1/2 Dasani or Evian 1 liter bottles, exp. 6/30/08

*$1/1 Hershey Bliss 8.6 oz bag or larger, exp. 9/30/08

*$2/1 CoverGirl TruBlend, exp. 5/31/08
**In April Extra Value Book; earn 6 ECBs on any TruBlend Whipped Foundation

*$1/1 Nail Duets by Nailene, exp. 8/31/08

*$2/1 Clairol Perfect 10, exp. 5/31/08

*$1/1 Powder Palette Multi-Colord Face Powder & Blush, exp. 6/30/08

*$2/1 Pantene Pro-V Styler, exp. 5/31/08

In the spirit of ethical couponing, I encourage everyone to do the right thing and spend the $0.99 for the magazine.

If you come up with any great deal using these coupons, comment or email me! I'd be happy to post them here with credit back to you!

*Revised 4/1/08, 11pm EST:

Thanks to Heather for pointing me to the same coupon booklet online - no scans, this is legit. Click here for online printables of these.


Also, as of today, 04/01/08, the ECBs you earned on your CVS Winter Spending will print automatically at the bottom of your receipt. You earn 2% every three months on your total spending.

If you're signed up for email alerts from CVS, you'll get an email today telling your your quarterly ECB amount and the option to print them at home. If you're not signed up for email alerts, look at your last CVS receipt from March, find the line that reads WINTER 2008 SPENDING and the amount to the right. Multiply that $ amount by .o2 (2%) and you'll know how many ECBs you'll receive the next time you shop at CVS.

Then make sure you do sign up for email alerts from CVS! You don't want to miss out on their emailed coupons!

Happy savings!


Elsie said...

Now I would never take these coupons if they were attached to or inserted in a magazine that cost something, but my CVS has the coupon booklets by themselves on one of those vertical clippy-rack things that they usually use to hold CVS sales flyers.

Heather said...

It looks like the same coupons are printable here:

Sarah Corbin said...

My CVS also had these coupon books solo in a pile by the beauty supplies. I didn't see the magazine anywhere.
Thanks for the heads up!

st8homom said...

I noticed that the coupons say "Manufacturer's Coupon" on them. Are they true MQs and we can't use them in conjunction with newspaper Q's?

Our store had a pile of them for free, too. :-)

Marianne Thomas said...

I assume yes. They actually have "Manufacturer's Coupon" printed on them.

Anonymous said...

I'm bummed the link doesn't have the coupons on the page any more... oh well thanks for the heads up to look for the mag!!