Thursday, April 3, 2008

$5.00 Iams Dog Food Coupon

Request a $5.00/1 bag of any Iams Proactive Health Dog Food here. Coupon sent by US Mail (my last one came within two weeks).

Kroger often teams up with P&G (they bought Iams a few years back) for great promotions on P&G products; this coupon can really save you mucho $$ during one of their deals.

Happy Savings!


Jennifer said...

Hi Marianne! I just found your blog and I LOVE it!! I will be adding your to our frugal blog list!! Keep up the great work!! I'm so glad to find another greta frugal blog!!

Sarah Corbin said...

Hi Marianne: Ha ha, thanks for stopping by my blog, and not EVERYONE is depressed about Favre's retirement (me n hubby are just glad he had an amazing career). Hopefully he'll have some more time to spend with his cute little family now!

Have a great day!