Thursday, April 24, 2008

Chuck E. Cheese Coupons & New CVS Coupon

If you like to treat your kids to a trip to Chuck E. Cheese every once in a while, there are some great coupons packaged around Hi-C juice box 10 pks.

They include:

*10 Free Game Tokens with Any Food Purchase (no dollar minimum listed on the food purchase)

*Save $10: 1 Lg Pizza (1-2 topping or Super Combo), 4 regular sized soft drinks, and 30 game tokens, for only $18.99

*Save $10: Buy 40 Game Tokens for $10, get 40 more FREE.

All coupons state One coupon per visit per family/child.

All expire 10/31/08.

And if you're looking for more coupons for Chuck E. Cheese, register for the Chuck E-Club here and you'll be sent links/emails with printables.

Chuck E. Cheese's also rewards for good grades; bring your child's most recent report card and get FREE tokens (they don't state how many tokens on their site).


CVSer's! It's Thursday, the day CVS sends us their latest emailed coupons! Go check your inbox and hopefully you'll find what I did:

$4/$20 Beauty Purchase, exp 5/3/08.

CVS is tightening up on how they release their coupons; I'd share this with you, but the legal fine print states: Offer Valid Only For Intended Recipient.

There's a bunch more legalese at the bottom, too.

I'd just like to pop in my two cents on ethical couponing: you can get lots of great deals honestly and aboveboard. No deal is worth doing something fraudulent, like using coupons not intended for you, or .pdfs of scanned coupons.

If you haven't received this coupon, be sure you've registered your Extra Care Card at and signed up for email alerts and promotions from them.

There are many great beauty deals at CVS to be had; check here for Slick Deals listing of April's Monthly ECB deals.

And click here for the upcoming May Monthly ECB deals. Don't we all just love to plan ahead!

Happy Savings!


Simplebeauty said...

I signed up for the email updates and specials and so far I've just received....updates, no coupons. :( I actually never received the $4/20 coupon you're supposed to get when you sign up for the email alerts. They aren't in my junk folder either. I agree with you about ethical couponing. There's a line between being a deal hawk and plain old fraud.

Love your blog!

sharon said...

The Chuck E Cheese coupons are also wrapped around Minute Maid 100% Juice boxes as well.

Ahorros y cupones en Español said...

Thanks for the heads up on this great coupons!