Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Morton Loyalty Rewards Program

If this bag looks all-too familiar to you (we lug ours down to the basement where our water softener is located), be sure to clip the Proof of Purchase Points from the empty bag and save them for the Morton Loyalty Rewards Program.

Save 300 points and request a coupon for a free 40 lb bag of Morton Pellets (our 4o lb bags have Proof Of Purchase 25 Points; multiply by 12 and you've got your free bag).

Morton also offers other items with the infamous Morton Girl image on them; for those, you'll pay S&H charges.

Make it easy to save the Points: tape a Ziploc bag near or on your water softener to collect the points every time you refill it.

Happy Savings!


Mikki said...

Thanks so much for this info!

We too lug our 'salt' to the container outside. We buy about 4 bags a month, so this will come in handy!