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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Frugal Journey Meme

Ahhhhh, memes! Those fun and easy games of tag that give us busy bloggers an easy post.

And after surviving this day (!), an easy post sounds FABULOUS to me!

Andrea over at MommySnacks tagged me for the latest "Share Seven Random and Weird Things About Yourself" meme that's making it's way through the blogosphere.

I'm going to change it a bit and try to make it in tune with the whole purpose of this blog: encouraging others to go frugal no matter where they are in their own financial journey!

So here goes!

My Frugal Journey Meme
(Seven Reasons Why I'm Frugal)

1. My husband and I have some debts to pay off, debt we accrued not by jetting off to Disneyland or shopping sprees at the mall. No, our debt is mostly due to moving six times in eleven years (military and corporate moves).

Moving is not only expensive, but the instability that comes with constantly moving is extremely trying, too. And on moves #5 and #6, we took losses on the homes that we sold. Ouch. I'm sure many of you out there who are faced with the necessity of selling a home in this tight market understand that pain.

2. We live on one income (I've currently raked in a whopping $1.84 on my Google Adsense; while that can go a long way at CVS, it doesn't put much of a dent in the overall budget).

3. While the one income we live on is a good one, we also have a financial plan in place. Currently, 15% of our gross income goes to investments, life insurance, 401k and savings.

4. We send our children to our local Catholic school . Tuition, even for active members of the parish like ourselves, is spendy.

5. I was raised by money-smart parents who taught me early on to budget, to save and invest, and to stretch a dollar. My dad was green and recycling long before it was cool!

6. As a parent, I want to teach the same lessons to my children. It's amazing to see my first-grade daughter cost-comparing at Kroger. Good girl!

7. As the CFO of our family, I take my responsibilities very seriously. We're a team, my awesome hubby and I. I have so much respect for how hard he works to support our family of five; his work ethic inspires me to be the best steward of our finances as I can.


So there you go! My Frugal Journey, in a nutshell.

This meme just begs to be shared, so I'll drop a Mr. Linky at the bottom of this post. If you want to post this meme at your blogjoint, please do! I'm always so inspired when I read how other people go frugal, live on less, and discover somewhere along the way that they're more content, more satisfied with life, and just plain happier.

Please use your very best bloggity manners by linking back to this post in your post. I appreciate it!

And check back soon to read the Frugal Journeys of others in the blogosphere! I'll hard link this in my sidebar and *hopefully* create a button you can grab for your blog, too. I say hopefully because I do occasionally need to sleep!

Get posting, Frugal Faithful, and get linking!


Andrea said...

Thanks for playing - and I love the twist!!