Sunday, April 27, 2008

NEW!! $3/$15 CVS COUPONS! Thanks, MSM!

If you haven't heard the good news, there's a new $3/$15 CVS coupon available!

This is legitimate, and available to everyone who follows the registration steps.

Click here to read how to get this great coupon.
*Link removed 04/27/08, 10:42 EST*

Best part of this coupon? It doesn't expire until June 6, 2008, and, the fine print reads that it can be used once per transaction one per customer. (Revised 4/24/08, 10:42 EST)

Fire up your printers, Frugal Faithful!

CVS, we adore thee!

**Revised, Sunday, 4/27/08 9:51 EST**

A commenter below wisely questioned to whom this coupon is intended: by anyone; or only for subscribers to this newspaper.

I have not had the chance to fully investigate this coupon as I've been gone all day with my Girl Scout Troop at a planned event.

I posted the link after seeing it at MoneySavingMom because I trust Crystal's judgement implicitly when it comes to ethical coupon use. She is one of the most honest bloggers with whom I've ever had the pleasure of corresponding; she is also a devout Christian.

I apologize for posting the link without fully investigating it; I will do so now. And I want you to know I do take my blogging seriously. I blog with the intent to help and enlighten and because I love to share what I've learned.

Please, if you feel using this coupon violates your sense of ethics and/or your own religious beliefs - whatever they may be - don't let the $3.00 you might possibly save become a burden on your conscience.

And please comment and share with everyone your particular take on this coupon: fair for all to use or clearly meant for a specific consumer/audience?

Please keep the dialogue respectful, kind, and courteous.

*Closed to comments as of 4/27/08, 10:42 pm EST after further investigation by me; read my explanation here.*


st8homom said...

Ok, everyone is posting about the new 3/15 coupon. I have a question. I really, really, really want to be able to use the coupon, BUT, I have this little niggling feeling that although anyone can print it, it wasn't *meant* for everyone. It was intended by CVS to be used by someone who subscribes to that paper, and to be used one time (or however many newspapers you buy for the coupons).

That said, (did I mention I really, really want to use the coupon?) is there something I'm not seeing that would make me think "Oh, right. It *is* Ok for me to use it?" As Christians, do we follow the letter of the law (which would be that it's ok to use it since it's there), or the spirit in which it was intended?
Can you tell I'm having an internal struggle about this? LOL
Have you struggled with this issue before?