Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Online Shopping - Check for Codes and Make It Pay!

I, like many moms, do a lot of online shopping. It's just easy! I can surf and compare prices anytime of day (or night, more likely!) and I have the added bonus of not having to worry about one of my three junior track stars taking off at a dead sprint when my attention is diverted.

But is online shopping frugal?

It depends; if you're constantly shopping online because you just can't stop yourself, you may have a problem that is way bigger than I can address in this post. Addictive behaviors know no bounds. If you're shopping yourself into big debt, seek professional help.

Now, if you're like me, looking for a good deal without dragging three kids all over the county (and footing the gas bill for the van, too), online shopping is a no-brainer. It works and there are always great deals to be found.

But the best deals are the purchases you make online using coupon codes. But where might a new frugal mom find such a treasure trove of codes?

Why, over here at Rather Be Shopping! The owner of this website (Kyle) personally verifies that all codes work and even better, will help you out by email if you have any questions. What a find!

But if you simply shop with those coupon codes, are you getting the best deal? Could you do better?

Well yes, you could! Shop via eBates, where you can get $$ back on your purchase!

Coupon codes + money back + saving time = a frugal choice.

Just don't shop till the mouse drops!

Happy Savings!


.:Just Ames:. said...

Thanks for the links! I also check for codes on lots of online stores even pizza places.

Elsie said...

Also, I recommend the site Price Protectr. You submit the URL to a product's page and your email, and they monitor the product's price for a period of time. If the price goes down, they'll email you so you can take advantage of price protection policies (for stores that have them). You can get a refund of the difference.

Go to their site. It's much less confusing than I make it seem.