Saturday, April 12, 2008

Shopping Scenario Sunday: CVS Looks VERY Hopeful!

It's SUNDAY! Time to praise, time to relax, and time to scour the weekly ads for the best deals out there!

Let's all join together, frugal faithful, and share our best, most hopeful shopping scenarios for the week!

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CVS looks very hopeful this week, Frugal Faithful!

This is what I see:

Buy (1) Ascensia Contour Blood Glucose Monitoring System, on sale for $14.99.

Earn $14.99 in ECBs (Limit 1 per card)

*use $30/1 Breeze2 or Contour Meter coupon from 03/16 SmartSource Sunday insert.

Get it for FREE with the coupon, earn back $14.99 in ECBs!

The last time CVS offered ECBs on meters that matched up to a coupon that made them free was in January of this year (if I'm remembering correctly). It was a monthly deal with a limit of (5) per card and they were priced at $19.99 earning $19.99 in ECBs.

I bought (4) - when I could find them as they flew off the shelves - and used CVS $50/1 coupons that were in a CVS Pharmacy publication (it pays to look around in stores). The first one I purchased with the coupon did gain me overage of $30 to use; the last three did not - the coupon was adjusted down to the purchase price.

This is an incredible deal either way and I'm sure the meters will disappear quickly again.


My Shopping Scenario:

Buy (1) meter, use $30/1 coupon in anticipation that it will be adjusted down to $14.99.

Buy $14.99 worth of other CVS goodies in the same transaction using current ECBs since I know that I'll earn $14.99 new ECBs on the meter!

Items I'm a-hunting for:

CVS Training Pants, B1G1 Free, $8.99 (Sir Screamsalot still needs these at night and this is a SUPER price!)

Arm & Hammer Liquid Laundry Detergent, 32 loads, B1G1 Free, ($5.99)

*printable $1.00/1 here

Milk, 1 Gallon, $2.99

CoverGirl Clean or TruBlend Foundation (excludes whipped), Concealer, Powder, Bronzer or Blush, B1G1Free, $4.99 - $9.49

*use B1G1 Free coupon from P&G insert 4/6 and get them BOTH FREE!

*I'll revise this post later to let you know how I did!*

**REVISED, 4/14/08, 11:00 AM EST**

WOW! I found the meter at CVS yesterday which meant I could work my best deal and not move onto Plan B.

Here's what I bought:

Transaction #1:

(1) Ascensia Contour Meter, $14.99

(2) Arm & Hammer Liquid Laundry Detergent, $5.99 ea, on sale B1G1FREE

(1) Gallon Milk, $2.99

(2) Benefiber Chewables, $6.99 ea

Coupons used:

$30/1 Meter, adjusted down to $14.99

$1.00/1 Arm & Hammer

(2) $2.00/Benefiber Chewables

Total Cost after sales and coupons: $17.96

ECBs used: $5.00

Gift Card Balance Used: $9.49

OOP Cash Paid: $4.45

ECBs Earned: $24.99

Transaction #2:

(2) CVS Training Pants, $8.49 ea, on sale B1G1Free

(1) Gallon Milk, $2.99

Total Cost: $11.48

ECBs used: $10.00 (earned in Transaction #1 on {2} Benefibers)

OOP Cash Paid: $1.98

I bought some much needed things for my family, paid only $6.43 OOP cash, and still have the $14.99 ECBs earned on the meter to rollover into another great deal!

AND, if you're wondering what I'll do with the meter, I'll do what I did with the meters I bought during the January ECB deal: donate it to Goodwill. I urge you to donate yours locally, too.

FYI: I did attempt to buy (2) CoverGirls (on sale B1G1Free) with the B1G1 Free coupon from the P&G insert 4/6 to get BOTH for FREE: IT DID NOT WORK.

You could still swing a great deal on the CG B1G1Free sale by using (2) of the $2.00/1 CG coupons availabe in the CVS Reinventing Beauty Coupon book.


Now it's your turn! Cook up your best, most hopeful Shopping Scenario and share it here with the Frugal Faithful.

Come back and comment after you've shopped your deal and let us know if it worked, if the store was out of stock, or if any of your coupons didn't work.

Let's share our knowledge and help each other out so that we can be frugal with both our money and our time!


1GR8MOMMY42 said...

The deal last time on the meter was you received $9.99 in ECB's with a limit of 5. I got all 5 of mine last time and my store also not once but twice gave me the full value of the $50.00 coupon. I was not expecting it what so ever and did not know what to say. Is this wrong to take advantage of an assistant managers coupon mistake. Especially as a Mom with limited funds and each time I know I had bought 2 packs of diapers. Good Times. Good Luck this Week!

Marianne Thomas said...

Thanks for jogging my memory as to the details of the meter deal from January!

As for your question, is it wrong to take the full value of the coupon? That's a good question considering the high dollar amount.

I was surprised, too, when the first meter I bought in Jan with the coupon did give me the full $50 value - I had not expected it at all. I looked at it as a situation of extreme overage and took it as a blessing.

I'd love to know what others think on this issue!

Tonya said...

I wanted to let you know that I tried a couple of these deals at my local CVS and they would not accept them. They wouldn't honor the Cover Girl B1G1 coupon in conjunction with their sale, nor did they honor the Essence of Beauty gift bags. My store is also not honoring the Soft Soap spa promo. They don't have any in stock, nor does it look like they will be replenishing. Anyone else have this much trouble with CVS?

Marianne Thomas said...

Thanks for the heads up, Tonya; this kind of information is exactly why I host Sunday Shopping Scenarios. It's SO frustrating to have a great deal planned out only to find 1) items out of stock, or 2) that "great" ECB deals just won't work for whatever reason.

I too could not use the B1G1Free coupon on the CoverGirl to get both free; I might try to get (2) of the $4.99 items and use (2) $2.00/1 coupons from the Reiventing Coupon Booklet at CVS, thus getting 2/$0.99. If you don't have those coupons, you could try this same deal with the $1.00/1 from the P&G insert 4/6 and then you'd get 2/$3.00.

I didn't try the EOB Gift Bags, but I did try the EOB toe separaters last week and they DID NOT work for me here in the Cincy area.

Everyone, keep sharing information on what works and what doesn't work this week at CVS so that we can all save ourselves time and headaches!

Thanks again, Tonya!