Wednesday, April 30, 2008 Coupons Loaded to Your Shopper Card

Reader Erin, who is employed by Shortcuts * sent this information about the current General Mills cereal offer at Kroger, 2/$4.00:

If you’re not familiar with Shortcuts, definitely check it out at Right now we’re teamed up with Kroger (owns Ralph’s, Fry’s, King Soopers, etc.) and have or will have coupons on the site from General Mills, Kimberly-Clark & Kraft.

I just wanted to point out to you the sales on General Mills cereals this week that can be paired with the coupons you can find on Just add them to your Kroger card and the coupons will be redeemed when you swipe your card at checkout. Quick note that while is from AOL, you do not need to be an AOL or AIM user to use Shortcuts for free.

Kroger, Ralph’s & King Soopers: General Mills cereals (11.3-14 oz) are on sale 2 for $4.

Fry’s: General Mills cereals (11.3-14 oz) are on sale for $1.99 each.

On you’ll find coupons for these GM cereals:

* Save $0.75 on one Multigrain Cheerios cereal

* Save $0.55 on one Cocoa Puffs cereal

* Save $0.75 on one Strawberry Chex cereal

* Save $1.00 on one Whole Grain Total, Total Raisin Bran or Total Honey Clusters, Total Cranberry Crunch or Total Cinnamon Crunch

I've registered my Kroger card with Shortcuts but have not yet tried it. There are also many other coupons available to be loaded to your card besides the GM cereal coupons.

Whether or not Shortcuts coupons are doubled like a traditional paper coupon is one question I do have regarding this program. Does anyone have any experience with Shortcuts and doubling? Please comment and share the knowledge!

Happy Savings!

*I want my readers to know that I will always tell you when a printable coupon or potential deal has been emailed to me by a sales rep or PR agent. I receive no compensation for posting these. I do so solely to inform you of better deals with the hopes that you'll benefit from the knowledge.


2migirlsmom said...

I have used my shortcut card and they do not double the amount on there. However, you can use a manufacturer coupon in addition to that at the end.

Kansas Mom said...

I have had the same experience as 2migirlsmom with my shortcut coupons. They are treated more like a store discount. Used in combination with sales and manufacturers coupons, I've gotten some great deals.

They are used automatically the first time you purchase the product after loading them on your card, though, so make sure you hit the sales and/or have your other coupons with you.