Saturday, April 12, 2008

Super Savings Saturday: Walgreens Beat CVS This Week!

I'm late to the linkage over at Money Saving Mom's Super Savings Saturday, so here goes!


As all you frugal faithful out there know, Walgreens released one of it's rare $5/$20 coupons for one day only, Friday, April 11, 2007. I didn't have much time to cook up a Super Deal and I'm still waiting for my current rebate from March to credit to my Easy Saver Rebate gift card which meant no free money to play with at Walgreens.

Instead of using the $5/$20 coupon to increase my Easy Saver Rebates or Register Rewards, I used it to buy some much needed, easy-to-clean (our yard is a sea of mud right now), springtime footwear for myself and two of my three sweetiepies!

For $16.50, I bought:

(2) boxes of Fla-Vor-Ice (and instant SuperAwesomeMommy status with The Royal Monkeys), $1.00 ea = $2.00

(1) pr flip-flops for my daughter, $1.99

(1) pr fake Crocs for myself -they're a child's size 5 but fit my woman's 7.5 feet perfectly, $6.99

(1) bag M&Ms (filler to reach the $20 before tax so the coupon would work; also an incentive to persuade The Royal Monkeys that getting along in the back seat of the van can be a rewarding experience), $0.69

and these:

(1) pr fake Crocs (with Velcro straps! Safer!) for my wee Prince Tatertot who has worn them round-the-clock since I pulled the tags off in the van, $8.99.

Could I have done more with that super $5/$20 coupon? I'm sure I could have! But again, I aim to be frugal with my time as well as my money. I simply didn't have the time to calculate a super deal and hunt down the coupons, nor did I have any extra time on Friday where I could squeeze in a solo-shopping trip without my three kids.

I'm still very happy to have gotten some great mud shoes for Prince Tatertot and myself (Princess Pinky already has a pair) for a great price; too bad they didn't have toddler sizes for Sir Screamsalot!


I hit Walgreens again this afternoon on my way to the Y for a little mental downtime and exercise.

For $2.48, I bought all this:

(3) boxes of Kleenex; (2) cube boxes priced at $1.99 ea and (1) long box priced at $0.99 ea

*used weekly ad coupon, $0.89/box

*used Sunday insert coupon, $0.50/3 boxes

(3) packs Extra Gum, $1.19 ea

*used weekly ad coupon, 3/$2.00

*used Easy Saver (April Book) coupon, $0.99/3 packs

*used Sunday insert coupon, B1G1Free coupon

(1) Zantac 150 Cool Mint 8 pk, $4.99

*used printable $5.00/any 1 Zantac Cool Mint; find it here.

Alas, if only my Easy Saver Rebate bucks had already been credited to my card!

Walgreens offered some great opportunities to cook up deals this week. But it's so important to remember that it's not a great deal if you don't need it and/or you have to bust your budget to buy it.


I did swing through my CVS a couple of times this week, mostly for the chance to earn some ECBs while buying free milk.

This transaction:
(2) CoverGirl TruBlend Whipped Foundations, $9.49 ea

*used Sunday P&G insert coupon, B1G1Free

*used CVS Beauty coupon, $2.00/1 CoverGirl

(1) Chef Boyardee 4 pack (these are in the upcoming week ad; my CVS had them on the shelf already), $4.99

(1) Gallon of milk, $3.29

I paid with $14.97 in ECBs and also paid $1.07 cash oop. I earned back $12.oo in ECBs on the CoverGirl TruBlend Whipped (an April ECB deal, good all month) and $1.00 in ECBs on the Chef Boyardee.

I lost $2.00 in ECBs overall on the deal. I'm fine with that as I still have about $15.oo in ECBs to work with next week (which looks very promising!).

This is the great thing about mastering how to rollover your ECBs at CVS - even in weeks where you don't really need much other than basics like milk or household items, you can usually find a deal that will earn you new ECBs and get what you need for free or nearly free.


My final tally:

Retail Cost (with tax) of all the goodies above: $65.44

What I Paid in Cash (with tax): $21.46

Total Savings: $43.98 or 67%

ECBs earned at CVS: $13.00

I hope you saved even more than I did this week on your shopping trips! Check out the linkage at Money Saving Mom's Super Savings Saturday for more great deals from the frugal faithful!


Rhonda said...

Do you ever use your ECB's for things that don't generate ECB's? I got the monitor deal and I have several ECB's from last week. I could use a couple of other things with those from the monitor deal. How many ECB's do you keep from week to week?