Thursday, April 24, 2008

Time Managment: Blogging Schedule

I've had some little bits of time this week to actually sit still and think about how best to organize my time as SuperMommy to include a weekly blogging schedule.

I not only blog here, but I also have a personal blog here. Writing for both, along with all the usual blogging maintenance issues, is a big endeavor. I have deep appreciation for bloggers like Crystal over at MoneySavingMom, who update their blogs several times a day. It is no small task.

I also appreciate that you have to manage your time, too. So with an eye on frugal time management, here's what I've come up with for my weekly posting schedule here at The New Frugal Mom.


My Weekly Kroger Deals, with linkage to BeCentsAble's Monday Grocery Gathering


Guest Post by Kyle from Rather-Be-Shopping with links to current online coupon codes.


Going Frugal, a weekly feature about ways to reduce costs in everyday life. Look for topics like Children's Birthday Parties, Summer Adventures, Home Decor, and Back To School Shopping.


I'm leaving this day open on the schedule; it's always good to give yourself a bit of freedom in scheduling anything, freedom to grow, to evolve, and to sometimes just catch up when you're behind! I'll also use this free day to post about how I'm doing on my own Frugal Journey.


Best of the Week. I'll post links to some of the best freebies, printables, and deals that I've seen during the week. I'm hoping this will help many of you who do your shopping on Saturdays to better plan your trips.


I'll participate in Money Savings Mom's Super Savings Saturday carnival and talk about the deals I found this week. Crystal was the blogger who helped me to regain my frugal state of mind last fall after I got our family well-established in our new home and new town. Her blog is a phenomenal clearing house of deals and information. I urge you to visit her!


Shopping Scenario Sunday. I'll post my most hopeful scenario for the upcoming week and leave the Mr. Linky box for all of you Frugal Faithful to add the deals you've come up with for the week. Be part of what makes the blogosphere so amazing by sharing your knowledge!


Join me over at BeCentsAble tomorrow, Friday, April 26. I'm guest posting as the feature blog for their weekly Weekend Centsable Shopper Show and Tell Giveaway.

My giveaway.....drumroll, please.... a $10 CVS Gift Card to one lucky member of the Frugal Faithful!

Be sure to read my post over at BeCentsAble and drop a comment there. Kristin and Chrissy, the SuperMommies behind the genius of BeCentsAble, will enter all comments into a drawing to pick the winner.

I'll post a link here to the Show and Tell Giveaway as soon as it goes live.


And, because it's just the right thing to do, I want to say THANK YOU to each of you for coming by The New Frugal Mom every day. I hope that you find help and inspiration here and also through the links I post. I started this blog because I truly believe in the power of information and in helping others.

I welcome, appreciate, and love to hear your ideas on how to make this blog better. Feel free to email me or comment with your thoughts. I try my best to check my email a few times a day, but LIFE with three kids and two dogs often gets in the way!

As always, Happy Savings!