Thursday, May 8, 2008

An Award! Thanks SO Much!

Jennifer over at Sisterly Savings, gave my blog it's very first award! I posted it in my sidebar, but hadn't posted the details to all of you kind readers.

Jennifer and her sister write Sisterly Savings (hence the name!); it's a great frugal blog chock full of deals and ideas on how to lower your budget. And it's always fun to read a team-written blog!

Thanks so much, Jennifer, and I promise I'll work on a Be a Better Writer series soon! I'm glad if my tips have helped you (and I think they have!).

Thanks to all of you who spend a few minutes each day visiting either of my blogs; this one, or Writer-Mommy. I appreciate you and your kind comments and emails so much. It makes blogging completely worth the effort!

FYI: With all the great deals at Walgreens, I was inspired to finally write my Walgreens: How To Save post. I'm about halfway done (Walgreens is more complex than CVS) and I hope to have it up later tonight.

Happy Savings!


Jennifer said...

Hi Marianne! Thanks for all the great compliments about our Blog! Makes me feel all warm & Fuzzy!!

Please do pass on the Award to others to share the love and get others noticed for their hard work!!