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Friday, May 16, 2008

Best of the Week: Friday, May 16, 2008

Here's my quick rundown of links, posts, freebies and more for this week:


Kristin and Chrissy, the supermommies behind BeCentsAble, have revamped their blog design after taking all of your helpful comments into consideration.

Now you can easily locate the best deals available each week at "your" store on their right sidebar; click here and check for your store.

If you're unfamiliar with the Grocery Gathering, it's a simple idea that just makes sense! Bloggers from around the country scope out the best deals available each week at "their" stores, matching the sales up with current coupons, then post the deals on their blogs. Then they're linked up at the Grocery Gathering at BeCentsAble - all you have to do is click, read, write your shopping list, get your coupons, and save $$!

I always post up the deals for Kroger in the Cincy area; click here if you're going Krogering this weekend!

If you don't see "your" store listed, contact Kristin or Chrissy if you're interested in posting the deals - they'd love to add more weekly deals to their sidebar!

Frugal Blogs/Posts of Note

~The True Queen of Frugal, at Handprints on the Wall.

You may have seen this link earlier this week at Money Saving Mom. If you have a few minutes to read about this amazing lady, please click through and prepare to be floored by one woman's humble frugality.

There's a new post, too, about this family simple life (but filled with hard work, I'm sure!); you can read it here.

What I find inspiring about this mom's frugality is her self-sustainability. Our nation started as an agrarian society where you lived off the farm, off of what you could grow, butcher, make and barter.

We've since evolved into a nation of consumers over the generations and have lost that sense of self-sustainability (and if you're in the 'burbs like me, no matter how much you might desire to have a milk cow and chickens out back, you're limited by zoning laws!). It's just downright cool to read about a family that found their way back to sustainability.

~Owlhaven featured at Frugal Hacks

Each week, Frugal Hacks features/interviews a blog from the Frugal Hacks blogroll; it's a neat way to learn more about some of the bloggers you read everyday or to discover new frugal blogs to add to your Reader/Blogroll.

What caught my eye this week in Owlhaven's interview were these words:

"A lot of people think of frugality as deprivation, of never getting to have what you want. But I’m convinced that is the wrong way to look at it. Frugality opens doors. It gives you more choice in the long run...I really wish that more people would understand how freeing frugality can be."

I couldn't agree more; frugality and smart-money management will ultimately give your more choices, not less, no matter where you fall on the income scale.

It's given my family me as an at-home mom to our three children; the ability to send our kids (two, starting next year) to Catholic schools on one income (a spendy endeavor, but one for which we are more than willing to scrimp and sacrifice as it is that important to us); and the bedrock of a solid financial plan for all of our futures.

Yes, we still have debts on the table, ones we're knocking out a little more each month; but without our combined frugal outlook on spending and our shared willingness to live on much less than my husband earns, none of those things I just listed would be possible.

Frugal = freedom.

'Nuff said!

Fabulous Freebies

Request a $5/off coupon (arrives by US Mail in 2-4 weeks) for Iams Healthy Naturals Dog Food here.

Free sample of Viva Paper Towels here (click on "Free Sample" button).

Free sample of Ban Antipersperant here (click on "Free Sample" button).

Happy Savings!


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