Thursday, May 1, 2008

**CVS $5/$30 Coupon Release via E-Mail

CVSers, it Thursday which means it's time to check your inboxes!

CVS just emailed a $5/$30 coupon good through 5/4/08.

This is, as are all of the coupons emailed directly to Extra Care Card Holders by CVS, intended for use by the recipient. The legalese is clear about not sharing or reproducing the coupon.

If you haven't received this or any of the other Thursday-released coupons, make sure you've registered your Extra Care Card at CVS; click on Update My Extra Care Account.

If you've done that and still haven't received any of these coupons, contact CVS customer care here via email and explain your situation.


This coupon matches up great with the new May ECB deals available; read them here. CVS also has a number of B1G1 Free items on sale through Saturday, making it possible to use this coupon for some great deals. Check your weekly store ad here.

Happy Savings!


Mikki said...

Hmm.. I got $4 off of $20 today.

Must be a location type thing maybe..

I personally like the one I got. I can and already did reach $20 quickly!

Thanks for the info!

DIYMommy said...

I got at $4 off $20 too plus a bunch of other great savings (like diapers)!!!