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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fabulous Freebies and Temporary Link for

I know, some break from blogging, right?

Can blogging be an addiction? And, more importantly, should blogging to help others be considered a good addiction to have?

Alas, those are questions for another day.


Here's a quick freebie that landed in my inbox today. I love this product and know many of you out there would appreciate this sample:

FREE sample of Splenda No Calorie Sweetner Flavors for Coffee (includes *2* packets!); click here.

Get a $1.00/1 for Edge Shave Gel coupon here.

Print $1.00/2 Ziploc Bags, $0.75/1 OFF!, and $1.00/1 Shout Laundry Stain Remover here.


Have you been looking for new posts from Crystal at MoneySavingMom over the last few days and wondered if she fell off the edge of the blogosphere?

Nope, she's still very much with us! She's just having some technical issues with Blogger (I can totally relate) and tending to her very sick little girl right now.

But because she is dedicated to bringing you the deals, she's set up a temporary MSM blog here. Visit and drop her a note of encouragement, would you please? She's done so much for so many.


I've enjoyed the last 24 hours of not thinking about blogging; thanks for your understanding, kind readers. May is a particularly over packed month for me and my family. Finding time to write quality posts and bring you good deals has been challenging.

I'm praying and thinking about what God wants me to do, what I want to do, and what my family needs me to do.

I've been chatting via email with my fellow BBJ Mama Blogger, Andrea. And I mean no offense by that nickname for that photo - that statue is real, it's down the road from me, and I gotta be honest, it freaks my kids out when we drive past it. And no, it's not made of real butter; that's just one it's many nicknames. Anyhow, Andrea lives on the opposite side of BBJ from me and she and I are trying to find a time to meetup and chat deals and bloggy stuff in the near future. Andrea has such a positive attitude; it's hard not to catch her enthusiasm and rethink how I can keep bringing this blog to the masses. Thanks for your support, Andrea!!

I really do enjoy writing this blog and bringing you deals, freebies, and ideas on how to become more frugal in your life. With gas at $4.00/gal, food prices rising in kind, and home values stagnant or plummeting, now is the perfect time to examine your financial life with honesty and maturity. I like to think that this blog has helped one or two of you out there in finding ways to be more frugal and therefore find more financial freedom.

Again, I'm going to keep praying, thinking, and considering what comes next for The New Frugal Mom. More to follow...!


CVSers and Walgreens shoppers: keep an eye open for hot deals over the Memorial Day holiday this Monday; check the upcoming week's deals (5/25-5/31) for CVS here (courtesy of SlickDeals - thanks!) and for Walgreens here (courtesy of HCW - thanks!).

Make sure you check your email for any possible coupon releases on Thursday from CVS!

And thanks for dropping by TNFM; I truly appreciate it.


Andrea said...

Haha! OK - not even 24 hours and you've posted again. Listen, the first step is admitting there is a problem. I will meet you at BBJ if you feel you need to talk with the big, ginormous man in the sand...gotta laugh!

Think hard because I think that passion and desire is a voice that you need to listen to :-)

Faerie Mom said...

Glad to see you back. I hope that you stick to the blogging. I do enjoy coming by to visit. I appreciate all that you do!

Lisa said...

Let me just say that the BBJ FREAKS me out too - it's just weird!!!

I hope you continue posting - without all of your help and guidance I will be lost...
This living frugally thing is still so new to me and I NEED all the help I can get!

Alyssa said...

I feel your pain! It is an addiction, but is it healthy?

Have you considered having a Blog partner to share the load?