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Sunday, June 8, 2008

The $5.00 CVS Challenge, 6/8 - 6/14

Alright, time to help the CVS newbies again this week!

Remember, the goal for the $5.00 CVS Challenge is to grow that $5.00 into even more in ECBs to use in the future. Since growing or rolling over your ECBs is the number one rule of playing the CVS game, these scenarios are meant to help those members of the Frugal Faithful who are just getting the hang of how to make CVS work for their needs.

Come up with your best scenario that costs $5.00 or less out-of-pocket (paying with cash or with ECBs you have on hand), post it at your blog (or in the comment section below), then add your permalink below (the direct link to your blog post).

Please list the full scenario with details/locations on coupons used. If you use any of the CVS coupons out there (like the $3/$15 coupon expiring 6/14 - details on how to find it here at MSM), be sure to add info/linkage for those coupons.

If you want to right click/save (.jpg or .gif) on my button above (I'll get around to adding an html code box one of these days...) and add it to your post, I'm fine with that! Just be sure to link back to me/this post somewhere in your post. Thanks in advance - you're a peach!

For those of you just stumbling upon the mega-savings that is the ECB program at CVS, read more about how it works here.


My $5.00 Scenario:

All the stores are focused on Father's Day gifts (FD is 6/15). CVS has this deal available:

Buy $10 of any Nivea for Men, get $5.00 ECBs (prices start at $2.59 - my ad, Cincinnati)

Items included in this offer:

*Lotion, 1.7-2.5 oz

*Balm, 3.3 oz

*Wash, 5 oz

*Shave gel, 7 oz

*Scrub, 4.4 oz

*Eye Cream, 0.5 oz

*4 Step Starter Set

*Body Wash, 16.9 oz

CVS ran a similar deal on Nivea for Men back in December; if I remember correctly, the Shave Gel was the lowest priced item.

I've not been in CVS yet to confirm this deal (I'll be there tomorrow), so here goes my best scenario:

Buy (4) Nivea for Men Shaving Gels, $2.59 ea (I'm assuming this is the price; will confirm and revise this post after I go to CVS on 6/9)

*use $4.00/2 (Extreme Comfort Shaving Gels), RP 6/8

*use (2) $2.00/1 Nivea Body Product printables found here (print one, hit Back, then hit Refresh and you'll print a second coupon with a different bar code - totally legit)

....and then add this monthly ECB deal into the transaction:

Buy (1) CVS Bandages (Sheer, 40 ct or Plastic, 40 ct), 1.99 ea

*earns $1.99 in ECBs (FREE after ECBs)

Total after coupons: $4.35 + tax

ECBS earned: $6.99

Net Profit: $2.64 (minus tax on transaction)

***REVISED, 6/10/08***

I took a trip to CVS yesterday and here are the prices I found (I'm in the Cincinnati area):

Nivea for Men Extreme Shave Gel, $3.99 (bought 2)

*used $4/2 coupon above (it's for this product)

Nivea for Men Shave Gel, $2.99

*used $2.00/1 printable above

Final Cost with Coupons: $4.97 + tax

New ECBs earned: $5.00

So...unless you have a good $/$$ CVS coupon you can work into your transaction (like the $3/$15 one mentioned above), you won't net a profit on this ECB deal. But you will walk away with (3) Nivea shave gels for your $5.00 investment and $5.00 in ECBs to work with in the future!


Don't need that shave gel for anyone in your immediate family or circle of friends? Donate it! Food pantries are in great need of everything given the current economic climate.

Click here and see if there's a local food pantry near you where you can donate it; if there isn't, maybe you can start a donation box at your church, school, local community center, hospital, or YMCA.

Get creative, get Googling, and I'm sure you can find a way to use your extras from CVS and elsewhere to help others in need!

Thanks in advance for sharing your deals!


Anonymous said...

just wanted to say that i'm a newbie and i really appreciate your $5 CVS challenges!

20 Something Money said...

Hi, I just found your site and thought I would join your $5.00 challenge list.

My post was already finished and I included 3 different transactions (they total $10 OOP total). So, I figure it still counts for the challenge :)

Stop by and say HI sometime :)

uwood said...

If anyone is emailing the $3 off $15 coupon please send it to I tried signing up but you can no longer view the June 1 edition.



uwood said...

I just did my first challenge and I could just burst with happiness. I posted a blog all about it.

Thanks for the push!