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Saturday, June 7, 2008

CVSing 6/1 - 6/7: Getting What We Needed for $1.06

I'm linking this post up to The "Cents"ible Sawyer's CVS SuperStars and to Money Saving Mom's Super Savings Saturday. I hope you'll visit both posts and be inspired after taking a look at some of the great deals found by other bloggers this week.

I made two trips to CVS this week; I normally make only one trip (if I go at all), but ended up needing milk by the end of the week.

Trip #1:

(2) Listerine Smart Rinse, $3.49 ea

used $1/1 printable here

used $1/1, RP 4/27

(1) Chase & Sanborn Coffee, on sale for $2.00

Total after coupons: $6.98

ECBs used: $5.99

Cash paid OOP: $1.06

NEW ECBs earned: $6.98 ($3.49 on each of the Listerine)

We were out of coffee (horrors!) and my daughter uses this rinse every night; it was a small and effective transaction on something we need right now and something we'll most definitely use in the future.

I realized Thursday that I didn't have enough milk to make it to Monday (my normal Krogering day). So I grabbed my pencil, my ads, and checked out the coupon database at HotCouponWorld to create the best possible transaction I could.

Trip #2:

(1) Gallon Milk, $2.99

(1) Chex Mix, on sale $1.00

$1/1 printable here

(2) J&J Buddies Soaps, $0.99 ea

$1/1 printable here (printed two different coupons to use)

(2) CVS Bandages, $1.99 ea

Total after coupons: $6.95

ECBs used: $6.98 (earned in Trip #1)


NEW ECBs earned: $3.98 ($1.99 on each CVS bandage)

Again, a small transaction to get what I needed most - milk. But I was also able to get the Chex Mix (we love this stuff!) and the J&J soaps (which my boys love to use) for free after coupons.

And although I lost a net of $3.00 in ECBs, I still earned back $3.98 on the bandages, another item we need as it's summertime and every day brings a new skinned knee, bump, or boo-boo.

And I only spent $1.06 cash overall, keeping me on track for this week's $70 grocery budget for my family of five.

Kroger: $61.52

Wal-Mart: $7.45 (for $22.36 of goodies; see the photo and coupon details here)

CVS: $1.06

Walgreens: $1.35

Total: $71.38 --- close enough!


New to CVSing? Learn more about how CVS can save you serious moola here.

And feel free to email me or comment below (or at these fine blogs here, here, and here) with your questions on how CVSing works; I'd be happy to help and I know my blogging buddies would, too.


Denise Sawyer said...

Saw your comment about the milk at CVS! That is funny! But, really I'm not suprised...we all use CVS to get the things we NEED for FREE (or close to it!) That's the way to do it gurl!

The "Cent"sible Sawyer said...

Fantastic! The time is worth it if you have it.

Restaurant Freebies and Printable Coupons.

Andrea said...

You did great this week! CVS must have milk in stock for us now too!!! I actually only spent $5 this week but got out shopping so late that it wasn't worth the link up in your challenge for others (next week hopefully). Kids first, blogging and deals second - wait, who's said that before :-)

mamabear said...

Nice site! Good job with CVS this week. Milk is always a need around here. I feel like I hit the jack pot when I pay nothing for it!!