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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

RME $25 FREE: Still Available!

I noticed that my fellow blogging buddy Andrea still had her RME link up; the original promotion ended 5/15/08. I finally had time to go back to RME's site and check to see if they'd renewed the promotion.

Oh happy day! They sure did!

As far as I can see (as I squint at their legalese), there is NO expiration date on this promotion. There is this bit of legalese which I copied for you:

You are limited to 50 referral bonuses per calendar year as part of this Program’s promotional offer, which means that the maximum dollar amount of referral bonuses you can earn from your Contact referrals in any one calendar year is $500.

So, if you haven't signed up, go over to RME via my button above and sign up for an account today. You'll get $25 for FREE.

If you're married, get another $35 FREE today. Sign yourself up ($25) then refer your spouse and sign them up. You'll get a $10 referral on your spouse and your spouse will get the $25 sign up. An easy $60 which you can either have transferred to your bank account or issued to you as a paper check (you'll pay a $2.50 fee for the check).

If you have a blog, you can grab your own referral button to post on your sidebar. If you don't have a blog, you can still refer people via email. You'll net a $10 referral on each sign up.

For the 12 people who have already signed up through my button, if you're reading this...


And if you'd rather sign up through another blogger's button/referral, or just go to RME's main page, that's fine, too! I just wanted to spread the word that this deal is here to stay for a while. Go grab it!

If you're wondering what RME is all about (they're competing with PayPal for business), you can read more about RME here.