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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Revolution Money Exchange - $25 FREE

I've seen this on many blogs and a kind reader send me a link yesterday, so I checked it out.

Revolution Money Exchange is a new player in the online payment banking (think PayPal). They're competing for PayPal's share of the pie by offering the same service with NO fees if both the buyer and the seller are Revolution Money Exchange members.

I've sold on eBay and I can tell you that the fees for both listing on eBay and using PayPal for payment do eat a lot of your profit. It's nice to finally see some free market competition for online banking and payment.

If you're still looking for info, read this post here at which details what Revolution Money Exchange is all about.

And if you'd like a free $25, sign up by clicking the button on this post or in my sidebar - I'll get a referral of $10, too! Once you've signed up for your account, you can grab the button for your blog or send it via email to your family and friends. This offer ends April 15, 2008, so you'd better get cracking!

Revised 4/8/2008, 10:13 pm EST

To the anonymous commenter, yes, I do read Crystal over at Money Saving Mom. And yes, she too also noted this opportunity today here, the same day I was contacted by email by a reader of this blog regarding Revolution Money Exchange -leading me to investigate the offer independently, thus the link to The very nature of the internet makes information instanteously available to all.

I strive to adhere to the guidelines of good blogging etiquette; I also strive to keep this blog positive in nature. Thank you for your comment.