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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

WFMW: Blowing Bubbles!

It's SPRING! Finally! And it's Works for Me Wednesday over at Rocks in My Dryer! Time to think of helpful spring ideas!

I know many of you out there endured a whole bunch of snow this winter (like we did here - a record February storm that was fun after the snow stopped) along with cold days, howling winds, and everlastingly GRAY skies.

Now that the days are getting longer and brighter, it's time to get the kids outside to play while you clean up the yard for the growing season. And what's better for kids of all ages (and dogs, too - my two big dogs love this as much as the kids do) than...


But if you're like me, mommying little ones who don't always understand that blowing bubbles works best when the bubble solution actually stays in the bottle or tray (rather than being dumped on the ground), you go through a lot of bubble solution in the warm months.

Rather than buy more, try making your own!

I worked in a Children's Museum (I'll let you guess which one) for several months during one of our Navy stations before we had children. We had a bubble room in the museum and we made our own bubble solution each day. It was a messy job, but lemon-scented, so overall not too bad!

Here's a quick recipe (I refreshed my memory here at

Using Joy (works best -it's what we used at the museum) Dish Detergent:

1 cu Joy

15 cu Water

and, for stability, you can add

1/4 cu White Karo Syrup or Glycerin

I don't remember us adding either Karo Syrup or Glycerin to the bubble solution at the museum; it was strictly water and Joy and a whole lot of stirring.

The key thing to remember with bubbles or making your own solutions is that many weather factors will affect how those bubbles "blow." Humidity, or lack of, is a big factor; also wind speed and colder temperatures.

You can also make HUGE bubble by using old plastic coat hangers. Pour the bubble solution into a deep enough tray, dip the coat hangers, and let it fly! Fun, fun, fun!

Making bubble solution with dish detergent I get for free on one of my deals Works for Me! And having fun for free with your sweetie pies I hope will work for you! Visit the linkylist at Rocks in My Dryer for more great ideas today!