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Monday, April 28, 2008

One Last Gasp: The $3/$15 CVS Coupon

Sarah over at Sarah's Savings sent me an uplifting and informative email regarding my stance on the $3/$15 CVS coupon:

I must say I really appreciated your honesty and willingness to stand behind your convictions. I, too, was very uncomfortable with the $3/$15 coupon… it did not feel right. I was confused reading so many blogs that were so excited about it and was very glad when I found someone who saw the other side of the issue.

But as the commenter on your blog, I wanted the coupon! But not enough to go against my convictions. So I wrote to CVS and asked. Is it ok? Is it legal? Or should it only be clipped from a physical paper.

You can read my (CVS) response on my blog,

If you're on the fence about this coupon, visit Sarah's blog and read what CVS said in response to her query.

I still will pass on this *great* deal; I don't want to carry any guilt (hey, I'm Catholic; I come pre-packaged with enough guilt for a lifetime!) over using it and, as I emailed Sarah, I have a GREAT relationship with the very nice staff at my local CVS. I'd hate to risk ruining it over a few $$.

Thanks, Sarah, for your kind email and for doing what needed to be done: asking CVS if it would be ok to use this coupon. You're one smart Frugal Chick!

Happy Savings!

Kroger Deals, 4/28/08-5/4/08

I'm a bit late in posting my Kroger deals for this week; thanks for your understanding. Life always comes before blogging!

Be sure to check out the store list at BeCentsAble's Monday and Thursday Grocery Gathering; it's a great starting point for planning your shopping.

These deals are good for Kroger, Greater Cincinnati area. Your Kroger weekly ad may also match up; I urge you to check your weekly ad here. Click on "Weekly Ad" and enter your zip code.

My Kroger doubles coupons up to $0.50 (doubling to $1.00); my final price reflects doubling.

Here goes!


May 2- July 31, buy $300, $600, or $1200 worth of Kroger gift cards, get an additional 10% added to the value (additional $30, $60, or $120).

~Kroger is trying to grab those tax rebate/economic stimulus dollars which began rolling out from the IRS today. I think this is a great idea for dedicated Kroger shoppers who:

1) have the money in cash available to purchase the gift card; and,

2) have the discipline to use the card according to their budget planning.

If Kroger wants to give me free money, I'm certainly going to take it!

Now for the sale items and matchups:

Coke 12 pks, 4/$12.00

Instant $1.00/4.

Get (2) Cheezits free with (4) 12 pks Coke products.

Final Price: Coke, 4/$11.00; (2) Cheezits, FREE

Bounty Basic 8pk, $4.37

$0.25/1, PG 4/6

Final Price: $3.87

Charmin Basic 12 Roll, $4.37

$0.25/1, PG 4/6

Final Price: $3.87

Tyson Oven Bag Creations, 20% off Shelf Price

$1/1, SS 4/27

$1/1 Chicken, SS 2/24

$2/1 Pork or Beef, SS 2/24

Final Price: varies

Buy $20.00 of Horizon Organic Products, Receive a coupon for $5.00 off your next order! (This deal good through 05/24/08!)

Click here to register and print coupons for Lactose-Free Milk and Milk + Omega-3 DHA.

Final Price: varies

Pepperidge Farm Frozen Desserts or Breads, 50% off Shelf Price

$1/2 Pepperidge Farm Desserts, SS 2/24

$1/2 Pepperidge Farm Breads, SS 2/24

Final Price: varies

Jose Ole Taquitos, 2/$6.00

$1/1, SS 4/20

Final Price: 2/$5.00 or 2/$4.00 with (2) coupons

General Mills Cereal, assorted varieties, 2/$4.00

$1/3, SS 4/20

$1/2, SS 4/13

Final Price: varies

Dole Juice, 64 oz, $2.19

$0.50/1, RP 3/30

Final Price: $1.19

Cheer, 96 loads, $15.99

$0.35/1, PG 4/6

Final Price: $15.29

Bounce 105-120 ct, $5.99

$0.25/1, PG 4/6

Final Price: $5.49

Pedigree Dog Food, 15.9-20 lbs, $9.99

$1/1, RP 4/20

Final Price: $8.99

Whiskas Cat Food, 17.6 lbs, $9.99

$1/1, RP 4/20

Final Price $8.99

Ortega Taco Sauce, 16 oz, 1.99

$0.75/2, SS 4/20

Final Price: 2/$2.98

Mazola Corn Oil, 48 oz, $3.49

$1/1, SS 4/20

Final Price: $2.49

Prilosec OTC, $9.99

$1/1, PG 4/6

Final Price: $8.99

Colgate Premium Toothpaste, 2/$4.00

$1/1, SS 4/27 and SS 4/13

Final Price: 2/$2.00 with (2) coupons

Irish Spring Soap 8 pk and Body Wash, 18 oz, 3/$10

$0.50/1 Body Wash, SS 4/27

Final price: 3/$7.00 with (3) coupons

Pampers Diapers or Training Pants, $9.49

$2/1 any Pampers, PG 4/6

Final Price: $7.49

Maybelline, 50% off Full Line

$2/1 any face product, RP 4/27 and RP 2/10

$3/2 face products, RP 2/10

$1/1 mascara, RP 4/27

Final Price: varies

L'oreal Excellence Hair Color, $6.99

$2/1, RP 2/24 and RP 3/16 and RP 4/27

$5/2, RP 4/27

Final Price: $4.99 for 1 or $8.98 for 2

L'oreal Vive Hair Care, B1G1Free

$1/1, RP 4/27 and SS 3/16 and SS 2/10

Final Price: varies; use (2) coupons for maximum savings

L'oreal Skin Genesis, B1G1Free

$3/2 L'oreal moisturizers, RP 4/27

$1/1 L'oreal moisturizer, RP 4/27 and RP 2/24

$3/1 L'oreal moisturizer, RP 2/10

Final Price: varies; use (2) coupons for maximum savings

Gerber Baby Foods

Buy $15-$20, get $2 off next order

Buy $20-$25, get $3 off next order

Buy over $25, get $5 off next order

Other good deals:

Kroger Tendertwist bread and buns, $1.00

Kroger Chicken Breasts, 3 lbs frozen, $5.99

Ground Chuck, $1.79/lb

Pork Chops, $1.79/lb

Vidalia onions, $0.58/lb

Navel Oranges, $3.99/8lb bag (about $0.50/lb)

Mangoes, 2/$1

Watermelon halves and quarters, $0.39/lb

Kroger Coffee, 11.5-13 oz, $1.99

Kroger Sugar, 10 lbs, $3.98 (less than $0.40/lb)


I think I got most of them; please comment and let me know if I've missed anything on sale or any coupons.

Happy Savings!