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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

$1.00/1 Gallon Little Einstein's Milk

I received this coupon link/offer via email (in red) from Newhouse PR representatitve, Sharon:

Stremicks Heritage Foods would like to offer your readers a coupon of $1.00 off a gallon of milk.

They can go to the following link to print out the coupon:

Stremicks Heritage Foods announced a new omega-3 DHA fortified milk beverage created and branded with Disney called Little Einsteins Milk.

The rBST hormone-free milk enriched with omega-3 DHA is the first Disney-branded refrigerated dairy beverage to launch since Disney announced its food guidelines earlier this year.

*Product is in U.S. grocery stores now

* 64-oz. product is available in low fat and reduced fat — both with omega-3 DHA

*One 8 oz. serving provides 32mg of DHA

*Helps parents give their children the calcium they need plus omega-3 DHA for development


I know I've seen printables for $1/2 half-gallons of Disney's Little Einsteins Milk; click here to print it from

I've not yet seen this product in my Kroger; has anyone seen this in any grocery stores yet? Leave a comment if you have and let us know where you've found this product.

Happy Savings!

Guest Post by Kyle at Rather-Be-Shopping

Once again, it's Tuesday and Kyle, the mastermind behind the coupon code treasure trove that is Rather-Be-Shopping has a great guest post with current coupon codes to share with you, the Frugal Faithful.

As always, remember this before you point-click-buy: it's only a good deal if you actually need it!


Never wear white after Labor Day, or was it Memorial Day? My gosh, who cares! I never understood those kind of fashion tips. How about we wear what we like and what we feel comfortable in. Maybe stuff like that just doesn't matter to me because I am guy. I consider myself more of a frugal fashion connoisseur. I have put together a decent business and casual wardrobe by following these two frugal fashion principles.

~ Go Basic First. When buying shirts, blouses, skirts, and pants, go for your basic black, blue, white, and grays first. They provide the most mix-and-match possibilities. You can very easily match these colors together, as well as with accessories like jackets, ties, and shoes.

~ Stick With Classic Cuts. - Stay away from the newest fad in clothing and go for the classic styles. This way your clothes will stay fashionable longer. This is especially true if you spend money for high quality clothing. This is a case where spending a little extra can actually save you some money in the long run. If you are in need of some new threads for summer, or work, or whatever else, these online coupons may be able to save you some money.

Save 20% OFF your ENTIRE Online Order
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Save 15% Off your Entire Online Order
Coupon Code: 776214603
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See All Coupons For: Fashion Bug

Save $15 Off your $75+ order, $25 Off $100+, or Save $30 Off your $150+ order
Coupon Code: JLA5903
Expiration: 4/30/08
See All Coupons For: Jessica London

Save 40% OFF your item when you buy 2 or More
Coupon Code: CH4APR
Expiration: 4/30/08
See All Coupons For: Chadwick's of Boston

Save $10 Off your $40 or more Online Order
Coupon Code: SUNSHINE
Expiration: 4/30/08
See All Coupons For: Classic Closeouts

Save 20% Off your $100 or more Online Order
Coupon Code: RD12321
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Catherines' Plus
Save 20% Off your Entire Online Order
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