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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Shopping Scenario Sunday: Walgreens RRs Galore!

It's SUNDAY! Time to praise, time to relax, and time to scour the weekly ads for the best deals out there!

Let's all join together, Frugal Faithful, and share our best, most hopeful shopping scenarios for the week!

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CVS is looking ho-hum for the upcoming week. I already used my $5/$30 coupon a few days ago to get some of the monthly ECB deals and a few of the B1G1Free items.

The best I see at CVS this week (for what I need) is this:

Buy $10 of Olay Body Wash or Olay Quench Body Lotion ($5.99 ea), get $5 ECBs; limit 1.

P&G will have an insert in Sunday's paper (there's always a P&G insert the first Sunday of the month); as Olay is a P&G brand, there may well be some good coupons for these.

Another P&G brand on ECB this week: Gillette Venus Embrace, Vibrance, or Breeze Razor.

Buy (1) for $9.99, earn $5.oo ECBs

Again, in the P&G insert, there will most likely be a coupon for this; past coupons have been $4/1 and $2/1, making it a good ECB earner...if you can find them! They go quickly!

I have about $12.oo in ECBs; this may be a hold 'em week for me. If the deals don't look fantastic at first glance, it can be wise to just wait and see. There's always the possibility of a great Thursday email-released CVS coupon!


The deals here look more promising, offering several RR this week tied to P&G products.

Buy 3 participating P&G products, get $4 in RR

Buy 4 participating P&G products, get $6 in RR

Buy 5 or more participating P&G products, get $10 in RR.

See the full breakdown of participating P&G products and prices here (thanks, Andrea!).

Other Register Reward Deals at Walgreens this week:

Buy 1 Gilette FusionPhenom Razor or Venus Embrace Razor for $9.99, get $6.00 RR.

Even more P&G products offered in this second and completely separate RR offer:

Buy 3, get $4 RR

Buy 4, get $6 RR

Buy 5, get $10 RR...and,

Buy any 9 or more, get an additional $10 ($10 for first 5 + another $10 for buying 9 total = $20 RR)

Products for this P&G promotion:

CoverGirl Cosmetics and Olay Skin and Bath, on sale B1G1 50% off

Clairol Perfect 10, $11.99

Pantene or Head and Shoulders Shampoo and Conditioner, $5.99 ea

Nice and Easy, 2/$12

Pantene Pro-V or Restoratives, 2/$10

Infusium 23 Shampoo, Conditioner, or treatments, $5.99

Crest Toothpaste, 2/$5 (ProHealth; Whitening plus Scope)

Old Spice, Secret, Gillette Antiperspirant or Body Spray, 3/$10

Tampax or Always, 2/$10

Tampax Pearl, $6.99

Oral B Satin or Ultra Floss, 2/$5.00

Gilette or Secret Clinical Strength Antiperspirant, $7.99

Metamucil or Fiber Sure, $10.99

Old Spice or Zest Body Wash, 3/$10

Gillette Disposable Razors (Venus, Mach 3, Daisy), 3/$10

Pepto Bismal, Children and Adult, $4.99

**Note that this P&G RR deal is separate from the first one; don't try to mix and match products from the two different RR offers as it won't work!**

Zantac Cool Mint, 8ct, $3.99, earns $3 RR

Claritin Allergy Relief, 20 ct, $15.99, earns $2 RR

Give $5.oo to American Cancer Society, get $5.oo RR to use on your next Revlon purchase of $10 or more.

Buy (3) Pepsi Products 12pks, 3/$10, earn $2 RR

And, find your fave picture for Mother's Day and get a FREE 8x10 Enlargement with optional border only on Wednesday, May 7, 2008! You'll need the weekly ad coupon for this one.

I've got about $5 left on my Easy Saver Rebate card; looks like it's time to grow those dollars into RRs to use on other items.

**I'll revise with my best scenario for Walgreens tomorrow once I've seen the P&G insert coupons.**

***Revised, Sat., 5/3/08, 10:41 pm EST:

Kind reader Alyssa just emailed me about the coupons available in tomorrow's inserts (P&G, SS, and RP). Click here to read her preview list.

THANKS, Alyssa!

Now it's your turn! Have a great shopping scenario this week you'd like to share? A sweet deal you see at your fave store? Post your shopping scenario at your blog then come back and drop your permalink in the Mr. Linky box.

Be sure to link back to this post in your post and remember to mention which store you're hoping to score a great scenario when you drop your permalink.

Let's all share our best scenarios so we can be frugal with our time and our money!

Going Frugal: Gifts for Graduations and Weddings

Evelyn, who posted a comment today, had this great question within her comment:

This is an expensive month for me. I have lots of graduation and weddings. How much is reasonable to spend? I have 10 invitations sitting on my table now. I guess the people in the blog sphere are young and have not run into this problem. Everyone gives money. So how do you be frugal?

May and June are busy months for weddings, graduations, Mother's Day and Father's Day.

I wish I had an easy answer for you on this, Evelyn, but we've run into this issue ourselves over the years.

You have to decide which events you can feasibly attend. Ten invitations means ten events to fit into your busy schedule, a difficult task unto itself. And with rising costs of for gasoline, which affects both travel by car and air, you need to factor in your travel cost for attending, too.

First, you need to decide which events you absolutely must attend and which you can politely decline.

Then, you need to be honest with yourself about how much you can afford to give as gifts. And, as callous as this might sound, you need to create a gifting hierarchy; for example, a gift for your daughter on her wedding day is likely to be far more expensive than a gift for your co-worker Susie's son's graduation.

Don't feel guilty about making such discernments; and if you feel you received an invitation to an event just for whatever gift you might bring, absolutely do not feel guilty about deciding to send a congratulatory card with no gift.

Once you know which events you'll attend, who will receive gifts and who will receive cards, and just how you want to allocate whatever money you have in your budget for gifts, you'll have a clearer picture of what you can realistically do.

Whatever you do, don't let all those invitations create a weight of guilt on your shoulders, making you feel "obligated" to gift beyond your financial capacity.

The people who love you best, you family and friends, know that your presence at those important life moments is the real gift you bring to the party.

Kind Readers: how do you deal with our over-gifting society? Does guilt win out, or do you stand your frugal ground and find creative ways to gift without breaking the bank? Comment and share your stories and strategies.

Revolution Money Exchange: Still Time to Get Free $$!

Just a heads up for those of you who haven't take advantage of this offer by signing up and/or referring friends, family, or blog readers, Revolution Money Exchange is still offering $25 FREE for registering with their site and $10 FREE for every referral who signs up through your link.

This offer is good through May 15, 2008 - plenty of time to grab your own button and/or email your family and friends.

RME is in direct competition with PayPal for online transactions; this bonus sign up offer is their way of getting a large user base. Learn more about RME here.

And speaking of buttons, I was doing a little bloggity maintenance this morning when I realized my button link was no good. It's fixed now; click and go!

And, as always, thanks in advance if you sign up through my link! I appreciate it!

Happy Savings!