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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Stamp Out Hunger: Saturday, May 10

Just a reminder to everyone that Saturday is Stamp Out Hunger, the day you can leave a box of non-perishable foods for your US Mail Carrier to pick up for donation to your local food bank.

This is an easy way to give back to your community. If you've got a growing stockpile of goodies from all your super-smart deals, why not take this chance to bless someone in need?

Read more details about Stamp Out Hunger here.

I'll post a photo of what I'm donating tomorrow with a Mr. Linky box at the bottom. I hope you'll join in the fun by posting a picture of your donation on your blog and linking up! If you don't have a blog but want to join in the fun, drop a comment about what you're donating and how good it feels to give!

Let's show the world how much goodness exists in this ethereal place that is the blogosphere!

An Award! Thanks SO Much!

Jennifer over at Sisterly Savings, gave my blog it's very first award! I posted it in my sidebar, but hadn't posted the details to all of you kind readers.

Jennifer and her sister write Sisterly Savings (hence the name!); it's a great frugal blog chock full of deals and ideas on how to lower your budget. And it's always fun to read a team-written blog!

Thanks so much, Jennifer, and I promise I'll work on a Be a Better Writer series soon! I'm glad if my tips have helped you (and I think they have!).

Thanks to all of you who spend a few minutes each day visiting either of my blogs; this one, or Writer-Mommy. I appreciate you and your kind comments and emails so much. It makes blogging completely worth the effort!

FYI: With all the great deals at Walgreens, I was inspired to finally write my Walgreens: How To Save post. I'm about halfway done (Walgreens is more complex than CVS) and I hope to have it up later tonight.

Happy Savings!