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Thursday, May 15, 2008

RME: FREE $25 Good Until Midnight; Bloggy Business

I've had one person sign up for the FREE $25 today (5/15) through RME; this deal seems to be good through midnight, 12 AM, but as to which time locality (EST/PST, etc), I'm not certain.

That being said, today is IT (expires 5/15/08), the last day to grab your free $$, refer your spouse for your $10 referral and their own FREE $25 - an easy $60 right there. Consider it a tank of gas for FREE.

Click my referral button above to get started; you'll spend maybe two minutes filling out your account information. To get your FREE $$, you can either link one of your bank accounts and have it transferred in (exactly like PayPal) or have a hard copy check cut to you for your balance (minus a $2.50 fee for the check) and sent via US Mail.

If you click through my referral button, I'll earn an additional $10 fee for your referral so I just gotta shout it...


I appreciate each one of you who has clicked through my link.

If this offer is extended again (it originally expired April 15 and has been extended once), I'll be sure to update you with the new expiration; even if you don't have a blog , you can refer you friends and family by email so grab your $$ today, email your contact list, and spread the green!


Bloggy Business:

I've had a note in my sidebar for a while that I'll be changing the blog format/design; May has been an uber-busy month for me and my family (with no signs of relenting until the school year is done in early June) and I've yet to attack the re-design.

Here's what's on my docket for the next few days:

*Re-design/re-organize blog elements

I'm planning on posting a run-down of how I do this for those of you looking for links/help in customizing your own blog. Both this blog and my other blog have been designed/customized by yours truly. Look for this post: Going Frugal: How I Designed My Own Blogs for FREE.

And FYI, while both of my blogs are hosted at Blogger and I'll discuss how to customize a Blogger template by altering the HTML, designing your own header/buttons is something you can do for any blogging platform.

*Finish my Walgreens: How to Save post and link it from the sidebar

*Write and post my Coupons: Getting, Organizing, and Using and link it from the sidebar

*Research and hopefully discuss/post how to start a Coupon Club.

Ok - it's a hopeful list of tasks to finish in the next few days, but I'm ever the optimist!

One last thing: I'd love to have feedback from YOU. Is there something you'd like to see more of here at The New Frugal Mom? Or is there something I can cut out entirely? Comment with your input and I'll try my best to make it happen!

Thanks so much for spending a few minutes of your day here! I appreciate it more than I can express!

A Big Shout Out to Denise and Crystal! CONGRATS!

If you haven't checked your Bloglines or your Google Reader yet you may not have seen that MSN Moneyblog, Smart Spending, cited both The "Cents"ible Sawyer and Money Saving Mom for their hard work in spreading the good word about how using the CVS system can save you mucho $$!

Read the full article here.

With gas prices hitting $4.00/gal and consumer goods/grocery prices climbing as well (transportation costs of getting all those goodies to your local stores + other factors), there's no better time than the present to start saving coupons, mastering CVS and Walgreens, and taking an honest look at where your monthly income goes if you haven't started budgeting yet.

Many kudos to Denise and Crystal! From one blogger to another, I know how much time you both spend on bringing the deals! Keep up the good work, girls!

And if you've ever wondered just how to make those fab deals at CVS, you can read my post CVS: How to Save here. Many of us frugal hacks have similar posts; I advise you to click around, read how other bloggers break down CVS, and don't be afraid to email any of us with questions or just drop a comment with your questions. We're all out here blogging deals because we share that same desire to help others.

Three other great resources for you as you start down the road to CVS wheelin' and dealin'. First, Slick Deals and Hot Coupon World - both offer exhaustive forums with deals posted by folks around the USA. Type in "CVS ECBs" in the search box and get reading.

The third resource, A Full Cup, is a site devoted to coupons with one of the best printable coupon databases out there. Click here for the database; A Full Cup also has many forums filled with posts and follow-up comments by very knowledgeable deal-makers.

And now that my Girl Scout Troop's Mom & Me Tea is over (I've spent a lot of time this past week on executing that event), I'll finish up my Walgreens: How to Save post along with a post on Coupons: Getting, Organizing, and Using Wisely.

As always, I thank you for visiting and I wish you...

Happy Savings!