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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Walgreens $5/$20 *5/23 Only!* Scenario Ideas

It's almost here - another chance to rock Walgreens this month with the one day only (Friday, 5/23) $5/$20 purchase coupon; print yours here.

The legalese reads one offer per customer; as this is a coupon available via their website and not emailed individually or linked to a shopper's card, I think it's worth a shot to print more than one and use them for different transactions. I do intend to do so myself. I shop a very friendly Walgreens with cashiers who get a thrill out of seeing my deals. I know that's not always the case with Walgreens having read many disgruntled comments about Walgreens throughout the blogosphere.

Two key points to note before you go shopping tomorrow, no matter what you buy:

1. The Walgreens register system requires the total number of items to EQUAL to or GREATER than the total number of ALL coupons. This includes the $5/$20 coupon, Easy Saver coupons, Weekly Ad coupons, manufacturer coupons, and Register Rewards.

So, say I plan on buying three Crest Pro-Health Night toothpastes tomorrow and using the $5/20 coupon, the $3/2 Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste May Easy Saver Catalog Coupon*, and (2) $1.00/1 Any Crest Toothpaste coupons.

*Revised Friday, 5/23: the May Easy Saver Catalog $3/2 Crest Pro Health Toothpastes coupon is only good on the 4.1 oz size; this RR deal requires buying the 6 oz size. Sorry for the mistake!

I won't revise the remainder of this example as it still serves to illustrate the point of how your number of coupons cannot exceed your number of items. For the sake of the example, assume that you could use the May Easy Saver coupon, m'kay? :)

(The Crest Pro-Health Night Toothpastes are 3/$9 and generate $3.00 in RRs, a nice little deal to add onto to reach $20 for the $5/$20 coupon.)

Adding up our items and our coupons in the above example, we see this:

My total Crest Pro Health Toothpastes = 3

My total coupons used for the toothpastes, including the $5/$20 = 4

To have the register accept my coupons (forgetting for a moment that I still need to reach $20 to use the $5/$20 coupon), I'd need to add (1) more item to my order so that my total items will be (4) and equal to my total coupons (4).

This is one of the reasons why Walgreens can be very frustrating. My advice: plan your scenarios out and add up your items and your total coupons (remember to include any RRs you intend to use as the register system considers those coupons) to see if they're equal. If your coupons outnumber your items, plan for some inexpensive fillers (my fave, M&Ms) to make the totals equal.

2. To use the $5/$20 coupon, your items purchased must total $20 BEFORE tax. One very nice cashier at my local Walgreens informed me of this the last time one of these coupons was released.

Also, remember that the order in which the register receives your coupons is critical!

Give coupons in this order:

1. Walgreens $5/$20 coupon

2. May Easy Saver Catalog coupons

3. Walgreens Weekly Ad coupons

4. Manufacturer's coupons

5. Register Rewards

Then pay your balance with cash oop or with your rebate gift card.


Scenario idea:

Buy (2) Crest Pro-Health Night Toothpaste, $3.00 ea

*use $3.00/2, May Easy Saver Catalog*

* Revised Friday, May 23: as noted above in red, the May Easy Saver Catalog $3/2 coupon is good only on the 4.1 oz size; this RR deal requires buying the 6 oz size. Apologies to all!

*use (2) $1.00/1 Crest Toothpaste, PG 4/6

Buy (1) Glide Floss, $3.00 ea

* use $1.00/1, PG 5/4

Buy (2) One-A-Day Mulitvitamins, $6.99 ea

*use (2) $1.00/1, SS 3/16; printable $1/1 available here

Add (1) filler ($0.50 or less) to make total items = 6

Total before coupons: $23.48 + tax (assuming a $0.50 filler)

Total after $5/$20 and the (5) coupons (= 6 coupons): $13.48 + tax OOP

Earn $8.00 in Register Rewards ($3.00 RRs on 3 Crest/Glide; $5.00 RRs on 2 One-A-Day Multivitamins)

Then, use the $8.00 RRs and the $5.00/$20.00 to jumpstart your next deal!

Of course, you can break this scenario apart into the two different RR deals if that works better for you; I plan on only making (2) transactions so I'm trying to give myself the best possible deal for the second transaction.

I'd love to hear how you plan on maximizing this rare and wonderful $5/$20 Walgreens coupon!

Comment and share your plans!

Happy Savings!

Guest Post by Kyle at Rather-Be-Shopping

It's Thursday, two days later than the usual Tuesday - apologies to all - time for more great ideas and coupon codes from Kyle, the mastermind behind Rather-Be-Shopping. If you're an online shopper, bookmark his site; he's bound to have a coupon code you'll need!

And before you point-click-buy, remember: it's only a great deal if you actually need it!

Get In Shape Frugally

Three years ago, I was at my annual physical and my doctor told me I was 45 pounds overweight. Of course, I already knew this as the mirror does not lie. But I was the king of procrastination and kept telling myself, "I will start working out next month." Next month would come and go and still I did nothing. But having my doctor tell me the health risks associated with extra weight did the trick for me. After all, I want to be at my children's college graduations and weddings. So I vowed to get in shape. It took a couple years of hard work, and dedication, but I am proud to say I lost the weight and feel great about myself! Plus, I did it frugally. No expensive gym membership or home gym system. Here are a few of the things I did:

~ Find Free Calorie Burners. - Stop using the elevator, take the stairs instead. Park way out at the far end of the parking lot and walk. If you do these small things everyday, you will burn a lot more calories every week and they all count!

~ Start Walking or Biking. - The best way to burn enough calories to burn fat is to get your heart rate up for 30 minutes at a time at least 3-5 days per week. Forget the expensive gym membership, there are plenty of free ways to get your exercise. Start doing a brisk walk or bike ride around the neighborhood in the evening or early morning. Also, dust off that bike, or buy one if you don't have one! I ride my bike all the time. It is great frugal exercise. Plus, it is something fun that you can do it with your kids.

~ Give Yourself Permission. - As a very busy father of 3 small children, it was hard to give myself permission to exercise. So I try to exercise after the kids go to bed, or at my lunch break, so it does not take away from family time. By finally giving myself permission to exercise, I came to the realization that I actually became a better Dad. My mind was sharper, I did not get tired easily, and physically I could keep up with them! I now can run alongside my 6 year old son and not lose my breath. What a great feeling!

Unfortunately, I can't say I spent zero money getting in shape and losing weight. I did buy a mountain bike and some free weights. Although, both were money well spent because they helped me reach my goal and they didn't require a start-up fee and monthly dues like a gym membership. Here are a few related coupons that can help you save some money. But like Marianne says, it isn't a great deal if you don't need it! For example, try to put new tires on your old bike before you buy a new one!

Save 15% Off Any Single Item in your Online Order (Discount Shows at Checkout)
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Modell's Sporting
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Dicks Sporting Goods
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Fogdog Sports
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*SIZZLING DEAL!* $5/$20 Walgreens Coupon 5/23 ONLY

Click here to print your $5/$20 coupon for Walgreens, good on Friday, May 23 ONLY.

These coupons are a rare offering from Walgreens; make plans to use yours tomorrow!

I'll revise this with deal scenarios later today; I just wanted to give everyone a heads up!

Happy Savings!