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Hi, I'm Marianne and I'm glad you're here!

I started the first version of The New Frugal Mom in March of 2008. I had great initial success {thanks to all my fine readers!}, but I quickly became overwhelmed by the workload of maintaining a growing blog without a plan to guide me.

I put The New Frugal Mom on hold in June of 2008 hoping I might come back to it and pick up where I'd left off.

As it so often does, life happened. I didn't foresee a time where I would be able to manage a second blog and so I first took the blog private, then, deleted it.

I know, I know - what was I thinking?!

I restarted The New Frugal Mom in January 2009 now because I want a place where I can collect and share ideas that I've implemented in my life to save money. I'd also like to explore new ideas and methods and know all of you fine readers have a lot of expertise to offer. Please do!

So, who am I, anyways?

Well, I'm Marianne, mom to three cute kids, wife to one great guy, and a fan of Jesus, dogs, books, writing, and life in general. Oh, and I like running and chocolate, luckily for me in equal proportions.

I fell into blogging in the fall of 2007, starting a personal blog I still author, Writer-Mommy. I've come to believe that blogging and social media has forever changed the way we gather information and connect to others. And I like being a part of what I think is the best darn thing to happen to the wild, wild, Web:

A voice for everyone.

When it comes to money matters, I'm blessed to have been brought up by parents who instilled in me a strong work ethic and taught me about money management.

That doesn't mean I have all the answers; I don't, and I would never presume to pretend I do. Nor would I presume to tell you just what to do with your money; consider this blog a toolkit. Use what works for you and leave the rest, m'kay?

I firmly believe that living more frugally and becoming a smarter money manager is a journey that we all travel at our own pace. Some of us are at the beginning, some of us are a bit further down the road. It's good to remember that the only person against whom you should compete is yourself.

As for me and my hubs...we're getting there. Slowly but surely, we're paying off our debts and creating a financial foundation for our family's future.

Thanks for joining me for a bit on my frugal journey. I'd love to hear what you've learned on yours; please comment or email me anytime.

Fast Facts

-->PR Friendly:
If you'd like to have me review your product and host a giveaway of your product for my readers, please contact me by email.

-->Media Requests:
If you'd like to contact me, please do so by email; I'd be happy to offer you assistance.

I am not a financial expert, just a mom who's stretching her family budget to do more while spending less.

I use affiliate programs in the form of ads as well as text links and I use Google Adsense to help support this blog. I sometimes receive products to review and keep in order for me to offer the same products as giveaways to my readers. For my full disclosure policy, please click here.

I do my best to investigate everything I share here with you and share only what I feel is aboveboard and honest. If you have any questions about the authenticity of something I've posted, please contact me by email.

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  1. The Frugal House // January 23, 2009 10:04 PM  

    Hi! I'm glad I found your blog...thanks especially for hosting the Let's Go Krogering!

  2. Marianne Thomas // January 24, 2009 4:23 AM  

    The Frugal Hous: Thanks for visiting and commenting! I hope you'll join in Let's Go Krogering!

  3. Anonymous // March 16, 2009 5:55 PM  

    Are you on the Westside of Cincinnati? I got the same book of coupons as you and our Target just opened March 8th?

  4. Marianne Thomas // March 16, 2009 8:42 PM  

    I'm up off of 71, past Mason.

    That's great that you guys got a new Target, too!

  5. Lady Jane // May 7, 2009 6:10 AM  

    Hi there,

    I came across your website and thought your readers might be interested in my product. I make hand embroidered coupon organizers at my shop @ http://www.austinartisan.etsy.com.I would LOVE to send you one as a giveaway or a product review.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and let me know if you are interested.

  6. familyplaygrounds // May 16, 2009 5:26 AM  

    Your site is great, and thanks for the low down on how to save big at Walgreens and CVS. I have a site that might be helpful to all of you OH moms. http://www.familplaygrounds.com
    It is a comprehensive listing of free and extremely low cost family fun in major OH areas. (Toledo, Columbus, and Cleveland at present, hopefully more to come) It is like a personal family calendar to pick from at your fingertips. Helps keep us having fun even though the purse strings have tightened!

  7. moto62 // July 26, 2009 7:59 PM  

    finding your site has helped me so much and actually set me about couponing on a large scale. it has saved me & my family so much money! it's also fun to do the match-ups and go to the store, you'd never guess that i HATE grocery shopping. thanks for all the hard work you put into helping others save money.

  8. Marianne Thomas // July 26, 2009 9:41 PM  

    moto62: You're welcome! I'm so glad what I do here has helped you save money for your family.

    Thank you so much for commenting and sharing a bit of your story.