January 8, 2009

Back to Basics: Couponing

Just a reminder: tomorrow I'll post the first post in my next four part series, Back to Basics: Couponing.

Here's what you can look forward to seeing here each Friday of January:

Jan. 9:

{Where to Get Coupons and How to Organize Them}

Jan. 16:

{Assess Your Needs, Store Deals + Coupon Matchups, Online Resources, and a Budget-Driven List}

Jan. 23:

{When to Shop, Coupon Policies, Hidden Deals, Stacking Coupons, and Leaving a Positive Impression}

Jan. 30:

{Documenting Your Savings, Stockpiling Your Deals, and Finding Ways to Give Back}

Because I'll be talking about drugstore loyalty programs during the Planning portion of the series, I'll write separate posts over the next two weeks about the top two drugstore loyalty reward programs: Walgreens and CVS. If I have time, I may also touch on RiteAid's rebate program.

This series will deal primarily with using coupons to lower your grocery and household items budget; there are many other types of coupons and deals out there - restaurants, prescriptions, stores, online shopping, and travel, for example - and I will chat about those in separate posts.

Q&A Time!

To you experienced couponers: What was the hardest part of couponing for you in the beginning? What do you know now that you wish you knew when you were first starting to coupon?

To those of you just beginning to coupon in earnest: What are your biggest questions? What seems the most confusing or the most challenging to master?

Leave your answers in a comment below. Thanks for taking time to share what you've learned or share your question with all of us!