January 1, 2009

Let's Go Krogering! {Rules + Button}

This new feature will be posted every Tuesday by 5:00 AM EST. I'll have a Mr. Linky at the bottom if you'd like to add your link to your own post about what deals you found at your local Kroger.

See this week's (June 15, 2009) Let's Go Krogering! post right here.


1. Make sure you leave a link in the second box of the Mr. Linky form that goes DIRECTLY to your Let's Go Krogering! post, not to your home page. (Copy the permalink for your Krogering post and you'll be good to go!).

2. Make sure you mention that you're linking up to my main Let's Go Krogering! post at The New Frugal Mom in your blog post and link to my Let's Go Krogering! post for that week. Thank you *very* much for doing this -- sharing linky love makes blogging fun for everyone! *You can also grab the button for this feature; see my sidebar or the end of the rules.*

3. In the first space of the Mr. Linky box, leave your name/site name, then in the parentheses tell us how much you spent/saved and where your Kroger is located so others near you can find the same deals. If you don't want to be specific (for example, I shop the Lebanon, Ohio Kroger Marketplace), you can simply add the region in which your Kroger is located (for example, Cincinnati). Kroger deals vary slightly across regions; my hope is by adding the approximate region where you shop, you'll be able to help (or be helped by) others near you.

4. If you could note which coupons you used and where they're located (for example, Smart Source 1/18 or printable here {embed link} or blinkie above product), that would be just PEACHY and very helpful to your fellow Krogerers.

5. If you find something on clearance that matches up with available coupons, share that, too!

6. If you shop one of the grocery stores that is part of the Kroger Corporation (see the list of Kroger-owned grocery stores in the "Chains" portion of this Wikipedia entry about Kroger), feel free to join this linkup. Just be sure to write the name of your Kroger-owned store in the Mr. Linky box (for example, Dillons, Ralph's, Fred Meyer, Smiths, etc). Many times, similar deals are offered across the range of grocery chains that Kroger owns.

7. Empty links will be deleted as will links to inappropriate content.

Thanks for reading through those rules! I can't wait to see what deals you find at your local Kroger!

Here's the button if you want to grab it!

Copy and paste the HTML code for the button into your post:

<em><a href="http://thenewfrugalmom.com/"><img src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_4PVFXX60X44/SXU4fv9g92I/AAAAAAAABUE/ptuH4SRJ0WM/s400/LGKrogering+149x145.png" border="0"" /></a></em>

Thanks for reading and subscribing to The New Frugal Mom!


  1. Joy: Thank you! I truly appreciate that! ;-)

  2. hi my name is lois i'm from morehead kentucky this is the greatest site. Thanks for all your hard work.

  3. I added the button and can't wait to start this!! My husband and I go Krogering together every Saturday. We love to see how much we can save...thanks to the wonderful bloggers like you that share their bargains & tips, this weekend might just be my best savings yet!


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