New Feature: Let's Go Krogering

Posted by Marianne Thomas | 1/13/2009 06:00:00 AM | | 0 comments ยป

I am *unabashedly* Kroger-loyal.

I shop CVS and Walgreens, too, and drop into Walmart if there's a few goodies there that I can get for free or nearly free with coupon matchups (go see my friend Denise's big list of Wal-Mart coupon matchups), but for the bulk of my groceries, I shop my local Kroger Marketplace.

I also like Meijer's deals (go see the latest matchups over at my friend Andrea's site right here); however, the time it takes me to drive to and shop the closest (2) Meijer stores is too great to be worth it for me except every rare once in a while (like the Planter's peanuts deal from last summer).

Because I can do so well on groceries at Kroger, I don't feel the need to hunt and gather at Meijer or other stores. And I just flat-out love Kroger.


~ Kroger Marketplace stores are unbelievably beautiful, well-stocked, and a fantastic shopping experience;

~ The customer service is unparalleled;

~ I can buy marked down/discounted items and trust that I'm still getting a high-quality product because it's backed by Kroger; and,

~ Two words: FREE SAMPLES! You could seriously make a meal grazing on all the yummy goodies they offer as samples. This makes shopping with kiddos waaaay easier!

So I want to start a new feature here at The New Frugal Mom...

Let's Go Krogering!

Remember that catchy jingle? I didn't grow up here in SW Ohio (I'm originally from Maryland) but my hubs is a born and bred buckeye. He still hums that little commercial from his childhood to himself and my super-awesome-mother-in-law still remembers when Kroger would offer triple coupon days once or twice a year.

Here's how this weekly feature will work:

~ I'll show you all I purchases at my Kroger this week along with $$ spent and $$ saved;

~ I'll list out what sales items I bought, along with which ones I bought on sale and with a coupon;

~ I'll list what reduced price items I bought and if I had a coupon to make them free or nearly free; and,

~ I'll link you back over to my weekly Menu Plan so you can see how I'm going to use all those goodies to cook dinner for the week.

Here's the *fun* part - I'd love to have all of YOU participate in this weekly feature, too! I'll build a button for this feature and post a Mr. Linky so you can post your Krogering success for the week, which coupons and deals you found, and link back to your own menu plan. Linkylove for everybody - we all win!

I'll post my first installment of this feature later today or tonight; right now, I'm off to volunteer at school and tonight I have a Girl Scout meeting to run (I'm the Troop Leader). It will be up before I hit the sack tonight, I promise!

Thanks for reading and subscribing to The New Frugal Mom!