January 17, 2009

Saturday Savings Roundup

Rather than have different posts for each store I shopped this week, I'm going to put all of my weekly savings into (1) post each Saturday so you can see just how much couponing can help you save money in your household.

Just a note before I start: my weekly grocery budget for all groceries and household goods is $100. I have three kids (1 daughter & two sons who eat like champions) and a 6'4" husband. Both Knute (hubs) and I are very active athletically.

My point? We eat...a lot!

Luckily, we don't have any food allergies or special nutritional diets to take into consideration when buying food and planning meals.

Why I'm sharing this? Because I think it's important for you to know how I allocate my grocery spending and also how I use my budget + coupons and sales to increase my total buying power.

One more thing: your best grocery budget is what works for you! Sometimes we lose sight of the fact that other people have different families and different needs. Maybe we feel *bad* that we spend more than this person or feel *good* that we spend less than that person. The only person you should compete against in comparing your grocery budget is yourself. Challenge yourself to do a little better week after week and track your progress to see your personal success.

Onto my deals + savings for this week.


Total spent: $85.15
Total saved:
$65.14, or 43%

See my Let's Go Krogering post right here for the full list of what I bought, the sale prices, and the coupon matches.


Items Purchased:
CVS Brand Pullups: $6.49 (on sale from $10.49)
24/7 Lip Plumper: $10.00 (marked down from $20.00)
SoyJoy Bars, 6 pk: $6.00 (on sale from $7.49)
Dove Pro Age Lotion (I'm getting old, peeps!): $7.00 (marked down from $14.00)
Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum Tape: $1.29

Qs Used:
$10/1 Any 24/7 Product (CRT -Cash Register Tape - coupon I received a week ago)
$10.50 ECBs

Final Total: $10.49
Paid with an Rx Transfer Gift Card

Total Spent: $0.00
Total Savings:$53.27 + tax or 100% (WOOT!)

My last stop...


{No picture; sorry! It was late last night and I needed to hit the hay!}

Items Purchased:
(2) Mitchum Deodorants, $3.79 ea
(2) Children's Valentines sets, $1.99 ea (on sale from $2.99 ea)
(2) Walgreens Fabric Softener sheets (on sale B1G1Free, 2/$2.99)

Qs Used:

In Ad Coupon, Mitchum $1.99 (limit 3)
(2) $1.00/1 Mitchum printable coupon

Total Spent: $9.66
Total Saved: $10.01, or 51%

~~~Weekly Totals~~~

I actually came in a bit over my $100 budget because we swung through Kroger last Sunday after church to pick up a few doughnuts for the kiddos (really -- just for them; Knute and I got boring bagels), some spendy lightbulbs we needed and didn't have on hand ($6.00!) and another newspaper for the resident Coupon Diva (*yours truly*), all of which cost $9.53.

Total Spent: $104.34
Total Saved: $128.49, or 55%

I'm over by a few buckeroos, but I'm not sweating it. It looks to be a promising week at Kroger come Monday and I have a feeling I'll come under budget next week.

How'd you do saving at the stores this week? Share your success in a comment!


Kasey Hunt said...

Thanks for all your tips. I've been doing a budget for two months and I've gone over both months. I'm going to try your idea and see if that works better. Great blog!!

Marianne Thomas said...

Kasey: I'm guilty of going over some months, too. Life happens! But trying to stay on budget at least keeps me focused and motivated.

I'm glad my blog has been of some use to you!