TNFM Blogroll {and Why I Read Them}

Posted by Marianne Thomas | 1/06/2009 05:30:00 AM | | 6 comments »

I added TNFM blogroll last night, listing the frugalista bloggers whose work I love.

A few details about why I've added each one:

Be CentsAble

If you're looking for the latest sales and coupon matchups at your local grocery store, visit the Grocery Gathering at this site where bloggers from around the country post the best deals out there each week. The list of stores grows every week.

Keeping the Kingdom First

Alyssa and I started our frugal blogs around the same time and helped each other out in the beginning. She, however, was able to find the balance between blogging and life (unlike yours truly!) to keep her blog going and has had great success; she's also one of Wal-Mart's 11 Moms and she's having her first baby boy this spring. Congrats, Alyssa!

Mommy Snacks

Along with Alyssa, Andrea and I started our frugal blogs around the same time last year only to find out we live in the same area. We've become good friends, but I'd read her blog even if we weren't because she does an incredible job highlighting the best deals at Kroger, Meijer, CVS, and Walgreens in the Cincinnati area. Her blog is both very useful and very friendly - go say hi!

Money Saving Mom

If you're read any frugal or deal based blogs, you've likely seen that link before. Crystal's site is a huge resource of current deals, freebies, printable coupons, and home to the Super Savings Saturday linkup. I stumbled across her site in late fall of 2007 and began couponing in earnest once I realized just how much money our family could save with a bit of careful planning.

Sense to Save

I like Kacie's site because she writes solid posts about saving money in everyday life. She's also very honest about her journey out of debt and toward financial freedom.

Sisterly Savings

I love Jennifer's site - so much that I wrote a few posts for her over the holiday season. She highlights many of the great Deals of the Day from Amazon and she also shares details on how she's using her blog to earn a bit of money. She's a great person and very dedicated to her blog and her readers.

The "Cents"ible Sawyer

Denise, along with Alyssa and Andrea, started her deal/frugalista blog around the same time I started the original TNFM. What's great about Denise's blog? Loads of deals, including the best matchup of current Wal-Mart deals and current coupons. She also does lots of great giveaways and she's just a great person.

This list is just a start; I wanted to list my top frugal blogs and give you a little insight as to why I like them rather than just slap their links up in my sidebar. I'm sure I'll update my blogroll with more great personal finance blogs from my Google Reader soon.

~~~~~~~~Newly Added Blogs~~~~~~~~

Money Saving Methods

Carrie is in my neck of the woods, too; I can't wait to meet her in person {soon, I hope!}. If you're looking for ways to earn $$ online with or without a blog, GO READ HER NOW! Seriously, she's one of my top blogs to read DAILY in 2009, including reading her archives. That girl knows how to save, manage, and make some serious moola!

Who are your favorite frugal/deal/personal finance bloggers and why? I always like stumbling across another great blog; leave a comment and share the link!


  1. Sarina // January 7, 2009 2:05 PM  


    She makes me laugh while I learn. It's always fun to read the personality that shines through her posts.

  2. Marianne Thomas // January 7, 2009 9:07 PM  

    Sarina, I will definitely check her out!

  3. Tara // January 8, 2009 7:01 PM  

    Alyssa just introduced me to your site. It sounds like you had just stopped blogging about when I started, so I'm glad to hear you're giving it another go!

    We must be in the same general location because I know Andrea and Carrie are just down the way from me. We should all get together sometime!

    Best of luck!

  4. Marianne Thomas // January 8, 2009 7:17 PM  

    Tara, you are super close to me! Andrea and I are off the same exit of I-75, just different directions.

  5. Shannon // January 9, 2009 12:17 PM  
    This post has been removed by the author.
  6. Marianne Thomas // January 9, 2009 1:58 PM  

    Shannon -- somehow your comment got deleted. SO sorry! I think my multi-tasking fingers just clicked too quickly.

    To answer the question you left in your comment: TNFM just stands for The New Frugal Mom. But I really liked your guess!

    Again...sorry for the mixup!