February 1, 2009

8 Tips to Organize Your Coupons Each Month

Can you believe that January of 2009 is already done and gone? Where does the time go? ;-)

The end of the month is a GREAT opportunity to do a quick clean out of whatever system you use to organize your coupons. I had a few minutes yesterday after dinner to sort through mine and I thought I'd take a picute to give you a quick peek at my organizational system.

I use an expandable file folder with inserts filed by dates + a small box with envelopes files for coupons I've already clipped. Also, in the front pocket of the expandable file folder, I keep a copy of the weekly ads for Kroger, Walgreens, and CVS, as well as the monthly ECB book for CVS and the monthly Easy Saver Catalog for Walgreens.

If you're wondering Does she take all of that to the store every time? the answer is no. I plan my trips based on the the sales and current coupons available. Once I see a great price for an item on sale, I head over to the free coupon database at Hot Coupon World and search for any available coupons on those sale items. I clip (or print) what I need for my list, tuck them into my Kroger shopping envelope, and off I go!

Yesterday, I pulled my oldest inserts - the pile on the far left - and clipped the few coupons that still have current expiration dates which is the mess you see in the middle. Those I'll file in the envelopes in my smaller box. The pile of inserts on the right are older ones where the *majority* of the coupons still have current expiration dates; those I'll move up to the front of my expandable file folder which will make room toward the back for new inserts in the coming weeks.

This is *my* system, the one that works for me. It might work for you or it might not. There is no *wrong* or *right* system; the only thing that matters is that your coupon storage system is organized and updated in a manner which works for you.

Take a few minutes to go through your coupons and get them organized for the new month; when a big sale hits, you'll be glad you did because it will be easy-peasy to locate the coupons you need to save big!

8 Tips to Organize Your Coupons Each Month

1. Clean out your coupon filing system.

2. Clip the coupons that still have current expiration dates.

3. Send expired coupons to US Military overseas (see this guest post at MommySnacks for details on how to do this).

4. Toss the old Monthly ECB Book for CVS and the old Easy Saver Catalog for Walgreens.

5. Check ShortCuts, Cellfire, and P&G eSaver on the first of the month for new ecoupons.

6. Check Coupons.com and Smart Source for new printables.

7. Check Southern Savers and their coupon insert list for 2009 to find out how many inserts to expect each weekend this month.

8. Check Taylortown Preview for a peek at what coupons to expect this Sunday.

What's the ONE thing you do each month to keep your coupons organized? Share your tip and help another reader!

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Marianne Thomas said...

Zigabo: I'm always interested in sites for deals and coupons; I'll come check it out soon.

Thanks for sharing!