January 2009 Savings Summary

Posted by Marianne Thomas | 2/07/2009 12:00:00 PM | | 0 comments »

I will admit to loving a good spreadsheet! I use this one from my friend Andrea to track my grocery savings. It's free and easy (*love* Google Docs!); go download a copy for yourself!

I also love tracking my grocery savings because it's tangible proof of just how much I'm saving my family; or, looking at it from a different angle, it's proof of how much I've increased my buying power by couponing.

My Grocery Spending/Saving for January

Spent: $423
Saved: $573

If you look at it from how much I increased my buying power, I more than doubled my buying power. For every $1.00 I spent, I was able to purchase $2.35 of goods. Super!

It *looks* like I went over my $400 budget for the month but this total also includes my stockpile trip for IAMS dog food during the P&G promotion at Kroger totalling $21.25. (I actually have a separate line item in my budget for dog food.) Once you subtract that amount, I'm only over by a dollar or so - yippee!!

Are you tracking your savings? Drop a comment and share how much you saved in January with those *silly* coupons! ;-) Brag a little, m'kay?

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