Monthly Savings: February 2009

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It's always a good idea to challenge yourself by tracking your spending and savings with coupons each month. You can see just how much you saved and you can set new goals for the new month.

Here's how I did for February 2009:

My challenge: $95/week ($380 for the month) for all groceries, household items, and personal items.

Spent: $363.40 for the month

Saved: $434.62, or 54%

Coupons more than doubled my buying power; for every $1.00 I spent, I was able to buy $2.19 worth of goods.

I did beat my challenge (by $16) but I don't think that was due to any *amazing* deal-finding on my part; we were all sick here at our house for almost two weeks so none of us was eating much during that time.

I'm challenging myself to a budget of $360 for March, or $90/week. I've got room in my budget to spend $400 but I want to see if I can make this happen; I like a challenge.

If you need a spreadsheet to track your spending and savings, go visit my friend Andrea and download her free Google Doc Spreadsheet to track your Grocery Savings here.

If you're new to couponing and want to learn more the strategy behind the using coupons to save big money, read my four-part series, Back to Basics: Couponing. Feel free to ask questions by a comment or an email!

How'd you do saving at the stores this month? Share a comment and brag a bit, m'kay?!

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