New Feature: Kick the Clutter

Posted by Marianne Thomas | 2/06/2009 07:00:00 AM | , | 0 comments »

Does that graphic look familiar? Well, if you used to read The New Frugal Mom when I first launched this blog in March of 2008, I started this feature just before I halted writing this blog in June of 2008.

My idea was simple: pick (ONE) problem area in my house each weekend, take a picture of the horrendous mess - well, maybe not horrendous, but definitely inefficient - and start getting it organized during the weekend and over the next week until *POOF!* it's Friday again and the mess is gone.

Ha! I'm so hopeful, aren't I? ;-)

The reality is that life often gets in the way of serious organization. Life and kids.

Take my desk. Remember, this is the project I was supposed to have tackled last summer? Try not to laugh too hard at my optimistic over-achieving ways, m'kay?

The problem is this isn't really my desk anymore. Now that I have a laptop, my two oldest use this computer a lot more than I do.

And the paperwork! Egads! As soon as I yank a bunch of old files and shred them (because peeps, getting your identity stolen really, really stinks; a mild case of this - credit cards, not social security number - happened to hubs almost five years ago), a new crop of MUST DESTROY papers has sprouted and grown like weeds.

I did myself a favor and created a kitchen command center in one of my cabinets last fall for sorting school papers, mail, and receipts. It has helped immensely, but my desk - and all the stuff that needs shredding or storing - really needs my love and attention.

It's funny; I do so much of our financial management online that I don't really *need* a desk for paying bills and budgeting. But I do need a realistic way to store current bills and manage important documents that simply must be kept on hand.

Bottom line: clutter is a time thief.

Organization saves me time that I could better use elsewhere...like blogging some crazy deals for my fabulous readers!

The time to get the job done is here; I'm going to kick this clutter like a madwoman over this weekend and next week. I'll keep you updated of my progress - or show you ways I'm creatively and frugally re-using items I have on hand as organizers - next week and *hopefully* (please-oh-please!), I'll have a cleaned up desk to show you next Friday.

And if I don't have it *just* right, I'm sure it will be MUCH better than this!

Feel like kicking some clutter at your house? Drop a comment and let me know what space you're reclaiming in your home.

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