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Saturday Savings Roundup, Week of February 2

I stocked up at the tail end of the Mega Sales Event at my Kroger (Cincy region) on Sunday evening.

My trip:

Spent: $37.05
Saved: $91.44, or 71%

Then, I headed back out to Kroger after dropping off my two oldest at school on Monday morning to hit the latest Kroger sales bonanza, the Daytona 500 sale event.

My trip:

Spent: $45.81
Saved: $49.78, or 52%

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I had a prescription to refill this week for my son's asthma {and boy, do I hope that one day I won't need these refills}. Since I've already used one of the Rx coupons (found on the front of the weekly ad about two weeks ago) for a $25 gift card when you transfer a prescription (you usually can only use (1) every six months), I used a similar deal that I found in the front of my Walgreens - a "check" toward $25 of merchandise when you transfer a prescription.

Since this deal requires using all $25 (no change given, no gift card - it's a use it or lose it deal), I stocked up on items from the new February Easy Saver Catalog and this week's sale.

My trip:

(1) Clorox Liquid Bleach, 60 oz, $1.50 with Weekly Ad Coupon

(1) Right Guard Professional Strength, $5.99

(1) Splenda 100 ct, on sale for $2.99 *Ad states sale price $2.50; I forgot to check my receipt...tsk, tsk!*
$1.00/1 Splenda, RP 1/4

(1) Zucol Lozenges, $7.99
$2.00/1, SS 2/1

(1) Revlon Creme Lip Gloss, $9.99
$1.00/1, SS 1/11

Total before Rx transfer check: $26.12
Total after Rx transfer check: $1.12 (paid cash)

Total Saved: $34.89
Total Earned: $24.78

(I earned $5.00 in RR on the Right Guard. I'll also submit my receipt for the two free after rebate Easy Saver items - Zucol: $7.99 and Revlon, $9.99 - for a total rebate of $17.98 plus 10% ($19.78) once the rebate is added to my gift card in March.)


One quick trip to CVS this week to grab some nearly free chocolate on Monday during the two-day sale Sunday and Monday; Hershey's Kisses were priced 2/$3.00 and I used (2) $1.00/1 coupons on the Special Dark Kisses to bring my total down to 2/$1.00.

Spent: $1.00
Saved: $4.98, or 83%

Don't ask just how much of that chocolate is left in my freezer, m'kay? ;-) Actually, I used it to make cookies; see how right here at my post for Sisterly Savings.

~~~Weekly Totals~~~

Spent: $84.98
Saved: $181.09, or 68%
Earned: $24.78
(toward future purchases at Walgreens)

My weekly budget challenge this month is $95 - just $5 less a week than last month. I did go over my budget of $400 last month (post coming soon about that); I'm hopeful that I can hit my mark this month.

Remember, a monthly food budget looks very different from family to family. What works for me might not work for you - and that's perfectly ok! The good news for those of you just starting out as couponers is that the longer you stick with couponing, the more you can lower your budget each month. Couponing really is a learned skill, one that takes time to master.

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How'd you do saving at the stores this week? Share your success in a comment!

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