Saturday Savings Roundup: The Sick Week

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I'm linking up to the weekly deals at Money Saving Mom's uber-savings post, Super Savings Saturday, as well as to my friend Denise's weekly showcase, Drugstore Divas. Go visit both to see some of the best deals found by smart bloggers this week.

Saturday Savings Roundup: February 14, 2009

Every year, we seem to just miss all the colds and flus that cycle around during the fall and early winter only to get hit hard by something in February. The flu shots we get in October do help, but it doesn't protect against each virus that finds it way home to our house.

This week was the sick week at my house, myself very much included. I made two trips to Kroger early this week, one on Sunday before the ad changed, so I could grab the $1.00 1/2 gallons of milk:

Spent: $13.76
Saved: $17.83, or 56%

And I made a second trip Monday night for these goodies as part of the Daytona 500 sale (see my printable Google Doc of the Cincinnati region ad matchup for 2/9-2/15 here):

Spent: $68.46
Saved: $45.86, or 40%

I also popped into Kroger on Monday morning for popsicles and OTC medicines (round one):

Spent: $10.03
Saved: $0.30

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Even though I've got a well-stocked medicine cabinet, we still needed some replenishing on key OTC meds. Thank goodness Walgreens has several of there generic items on B1G1Free deal this week, something my hubs Knute was happy to report. That man knows how to thrill his deal-loving wife!

(2) Liquid Ibuprofen, 4 oz, $5.31

(2) Walgreens Daytime Cough and Cold, 20 pk, $5.31.

Spent: $10.62
Saved: $10.62, or 50%

~~~Weekly Totals~~~

Spent: $102.87
Saved: $74.71, or 42%

My weekly budget challenge this month is $95 - just $5 less a week than last month. I'm over this week, but that's okay. I'd rather go over by a few dollars and have more than enough of what I need to keep those pesky fevers at bay. And given that no one here at my house has had much of an appetite, I won't need too much at the store for meals next week.

How'd you do saving at the stores this week? Share your success in a comment!

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