Coupons.com + Electronic Coupons: Grab 'Em!

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A new month is here which means Coupons.com has re-loaded their printable coupons; you can check the widget in my header for which ones you'll use and print 'em up!

{There's both a $3.00/Huggies Natural Fit Diapers and a $5.00/Huggies Gentle Care Diapers Product so if you're deep in the diaper years (and a fan of Huggies), be sure to grab those!}

Why is it important to check the Coupons.com site for new printable coupons early in each new month? Well, the coupons available to print are limited; you'll see lots of coupons right now in the beginning of the month but as the popular ones reach their campaign/print limit, they'll vanish.

If you think you'll likely use them, or if they're for products that often go on sale at your grocery store and/or CVS & Walgreens (GM cereals and other brands that bear Box Tops, PG brands, Unilver brands, etc), print them now and hold them.

I also want to take this chance to say *thank you* to those of you out there who do print coupons from my widget; I get a nominal fee per coupon (pennies) but it does add up over time. I deeply appreciate your support of this site.

Other places to check for coupons at the beginning of EACH month:

P&G eSaver. These are ecoupons that you can load to your grocery store loyalty card (I load mine to my Kroger card). The current ecoupons at P&G eSaver expire March 31, 2009; go load your card now and be ready for any good P&G sales this month (let's keep our fingers crossed!).

Cellfire. This is a newer ecoupon site so your grocery store may not be affiliated with them...yet. Kroger is one of their partners; there are several coupons you can load to your Kroger card that are worth grabbing. ALL of the coupons I saw for Kroger need to be loaded by Monday, March 9, and they expire Monday, March 23.

Upromise. If you have a Upromise account, you can add ecoupons to your shoppers card for many different stores; rather than the value of the coupon coming off your order total, the value (once the coupon is redeemed) is deposited into your Upromise account. These are reloaded monthly, so there are a bunch of new ones for March that are good through 03/31, including a $2.00/3 Post cereals (on sale at Kroger this week for $2.29) as well as a $1.00/2 Post kids cereals (also included in this week's sale at Kroger).

*Revised 03/05, 12:38 pm, EST*

I almost forgot one of my fave ecoupon sites! {Apologies, Erin!!}

ShortCuts rolls out their coupons all month long so you'll find some that expire this month as well as some new ones expiring in April. Because they add new campaigns during the month (rather than just on the first of the month), be sure to bookmark the URL and check back before you hit the store each week.


And if you're wondering how many coupon inserts to expect in your Sunday newspapers this month, check the 2009 Coupon Schedule (thanks, Taylortown Preview!). You'll find the full list of inserts for this year; note that 1-2 weeks before BIG holiday weekends, there are extra inserts. Plan on buying extra papers those weekends for sure!!

What do you do at the end/beginning of each month to organize your coupons?

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