Hail & Farewell: Monthly Goals Review

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I still can't believe it's March already but I am certainly ready for spring to arrive with all of the beautiful flowers, warmer days, and endless...MUD!

Just like last month, I'm doing a little Hail & Farewell for my monthly goals. Time to come clean on how much I finished didn't finish in February and set some goals for March.

Farewell to February's Goals:

~ My desk and the avalanche of paper.

I made some serious headway on this. I spent a fantastic evening in early February on a date with my shredder and old financial documents that don't need to be kept but can't just be tossed in the recycling bin. My kitchen command center is cleaned out again. All I need to do is move my old filing cabinet down to the basement and create some storage for my office supplies. 50% Done.

~ Portable coupon case for my van and for Knute's (my cool hubs) car.

Just finished his; need to tackle mine. I paged through my Entertainment book and pulled restaurant coupons near his work for him to use. For my portable coupon case, I'll need a more diverse set of coupons to non-grocery retailers as I do the lion's share of "gathering" for our family. 50% Done.

~ Pay off my van early by mid-month!

I was on track to do this when the hospital bill (our portion after insurance) for my son's hospitalization last November came. That took half of the extra money I had put aside to pay off the van; our FSA will repay us for the hospital bill so once that money hits my account, I'll finish paying the van in FULL! 50% Done.

~ Begin attacking our next debt to pay off.

Not started yet since I'm in limbo on the van payoff for another week. 0% Done.

{Oh, and I still have a separate post about tackling debt coming up later; I plan on publishing it once the darn van is paid off!}

~ Open a second INGDirect savings account dedicated to saving for gifts at Christmas (we don't overdo gifts with our three kids but it's still a good idea to set $$ aside) as well as birthdays throughout the year.

I haven't touched this at all yet. 0% Done.

Hail, March Goals!

~ Finish all 50% Done items from February.

~ Attack next debt.

~ Open Christmas/Gift account at INGDirect.

~ Reorganize my posting schedule here at The New Frugal Mom

~ Reorganize my personal life/work schedule to achieve my blogging goals.

~ Create new weekly posts/features that my fabulous readers have requested (thank you, everyone, for your great comments!).

What are your goals for March? Have a post of financial goals for the month at your blog? Feel free to leave the link in a comment below!

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