Menu Plan Monday: Week of March 2, 2009

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Looking for ideas for dinner this week? Go visit Orgjunkie's Meal Plan Monday post and skim the links!

How is it already March? ;-)

We've got a somewhat busier than normal week and I noticed an abundance of little leftovers stowed in my freezer which works out perfectly. It's always nice when I don't have to plan a whole week of meals from scratch.

Oh, and I thought I'd add what I'm baking this week as well; I am spoiled by having a bread machine and I use it EVERY week. I usually bake cookies for the kiddos each week, too. Now that it's Lent and I'm not eating sweets, a batch of cookies will probably last two weeks...*a-hem*...I am a total sugar addict!

What I'm Baking on Monday

Bread Machine Cinnamon Rolls
(I don't add nuts; I use brown sugar in the filling with the butter and cinnamon; I glaze them with cream cheese icing.)

Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies

Here's what we're having this week!


Leftover Spectacular!

(I have two different meetings on Monday afternoon and evening so this is the perfect night to empty the freezer and reclaim my Gladware!!)


Baked Penne with Italian Sausage + Crescent Rolls + Salad


Crockpot Chicken & Dumplings Recipe + Salad
(I add a splash of lemon juice to the broth; it tastes fantastic with the thyme in the recipe. And feel free to start with shredded chicken you pre-cooked for the recipe.)


Homemade Pizza with Copycat LaRosa's Sauce and Copycat Pizza Hut Style Pizza Dough (Bread Machine) + carrots & celery sticks.


Fish Sticks + Tater Tots with Cole Slaw and Homemade Tartar Sauce


Free night!!


Crockpot Pineapple-Cranberry Pork Loin + Baked Potatoes & Steamed Veggies

I've posted the grocery list needed for this menu plan as a GoogleDoc; find it here. You should be able to print it right from your browser.If you see that I missed any ingredients, please drop a comment or email me; I'll revise the document as soon as possible.

Be sure to come back on Monday, March 2, 2009 for my weekly Kroger Ad + Coupon Matchups (Cincy Region). I post this as a published Google Doc so you can easily print it and store it with your coupons until you need to plan your Krogering trip for the week.

And be sure to come back on Tuesday, March 3, 2009, for my weekly feature Let's Go Krogering! I'll show you the deals + coupon matchups I found for my menu plan at my local Kroger so you can get 'em, too! AND, you can link your Krogering post for the week, too! I sure hope you'll join in the fun!!

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