March 9, 2009

Money Smarts **New Feature**

Many of you indicated via comments during my Girl Scout Cookie Giveaway that you'd like to see more information about how to monetize your blog, wahm opportunities, budgeting, and just generally saving more money while earning (legitimately) a few bucks as well.

As a way to address all of those categories (as well as any that might come up as we mosey on down the road in our Frugal Journey), I'm starting a new weekly feature here on Mondays called Money Smarts.

Each week, I'll post on a topic I announced the week before; to make this feature even better for you as bloggers, I'll open up a Mr. Linky at the bottom. You can post about the topic from your point of view/experience at your blog then come drop your link in the Mr. Linky to help share your knowledge as well as help promote your blog.

I like helping you promote what you're doing because blogging isn't a win/lose game; when we all reach out a hand to each other, it becomes a win/win game and I want to be part of that.

If you have an older post that addresses a particular week's topic, feel free to link that instead.

Next week's topic will be this:

Blog Monetization: First, Define Your Blog

I'll be talking about why I've done very little - nothing, really, other than Google AdSense and - here at The New Frugal Mom to monetize this platform. I have my reasons...I hope you'll come read them next week.

And I hope you'll have some posts to link and share as well. As this is a new feature, I'm open to tweaking and changing it as we go; please don't hesitate to chime in with a comment if you have any ideas or constructive criticism.

Thanks for reading and subscribing to The New Frugal Mom!