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Posted by Marianne Thomas | 3/30/2009 10:40:00 AM | | 3 comments »

Money Smarts is a new weekly feature here at The New Frugal Mom, one that will focus on how to monetize your blog, wahm opportunities, budgeting, and just generally saving more money while earning (legitimately) a few bucks as well.

For more details about the origins of Money Smarts, click here.

I heard from many of you a while back when I asked for your opinions as to what you wanted to see here at The New Frugal Mom that you were interested in legitimate online surveys to earn cash/prizes.

If you look in my first sidebar, I have a section for "Survey Sites" that is still empty.


Well, the honest truth is that I don't do online surveys, save one (Pinecone Research) and even that one I think I'm in danger of being booted from their database for not keeping up with the surveys they do send me.

Although I added the "Survey Sites" section to this blog, I haven't added the links because I don't feel I can promote something I don't do myself. It's just not me; if I'm putting something on this blog that can potentially earn me a dime as an affiliate link (which, if I were a member of the survey panels, my links would be affiliate links), I strongly believe it should be something I either;

1) Use/do in my own life; and/or,

2) Have firsthand knowledge of so that I can effectively explain to you just how it works for me.

I think online surveys are great if you have both the time and the patience (both in short supply with me!!) to keep up with them. Alas - time is never my friend and patience is the virtue that the Lord gives me homework on every day!!

But because you might have more free time (or more discipline with your free time) than I do and you certainly might have more patience than I do, I want to send you to visit two of my real life friends' blogs to read their recommendations and best practices for online surveys. You can read up on what they do, how it works for them, and see if it might work for you, too!

Here's Andrea @ MommySnacks and her breakdown on
Surveys to Earn Cash

And here's Carrie @ MoneySavingMethods and her Instructions on how to start doing surveys

I know both of these supermoms will steer you in the right direction; if you have any questions, don't hesitate to leave them a comment or drop them an email.

Do you do online surveys? What's your best piece of advice for those who want to give it a try?

Have a post of your own about doing online surveys for cash or prizes? Feel free to link it up in the Mr. Linky below; just be a peach and add a link back to this post in your post, m'kay? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Amy // March 30, 2009 11:20 AM  

    I just gave you the Lemonade Stand Award! Please check it out whenever you get a chance! Thank you!

  2. Andrea @ Mommy Snacks.net // March 30, 2009 3:38 PM  

    Aw, Mare - thanks for including a link to me! There are some really great surveys to do!! I have been bad about keeping up with all of the requests too - I sure do hope Pinecone doesn't boot us out though because they are a good one!!

  3. aprilfoolwed // March 30, 2009 6:08 PM  

    I just found your blog today and I am interested in reading more from you!

    I have been doing surveys for almost 5 years at Zoom Panel. I only do the surveys when I have time (which isn't all that often). I actually find most of them interesting and enjoy doing them. I have earned several small prizes (mostly DVDs or CDs or books) over the years. It's kind of a nice perk when I get enough points for a prize.