Saturday Savings Roundup: Just Kroger...Again!

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I'm linking up to the weekly savings spectacular over at Money Saving Mom; click over and add your savings to her Super Savings Saturday post.

Another week for me with no trips to Walgreens or CVS...and I had ECBs from CVS that *gasp* expired this week!

I've been so busy and have made so few trips to CVS that I forgot the cardinal rule of making CVS work for you: always roll over your ECBs into new ECBs before they expire.

I'm not sweating it; I still have a few dollars left on a CVS gift card from a prescription I had filled in January. I'll be fine and from now on I'll remember to note my ECB expiration dates on my calendar so it doesn't happen again. :-)

Weekly Savings Total, March 7, 2009

My Krogering trip on Monday, March 2:

Spent: $81.33
Saved: $77.79, or 49%

You can see the full breakdown of the coupons I used for this week at my weekly Let's Go Krogering! post/feature.

Did you have a great week shopping at your Kroger or Kroger-affiliated store? Please feel free to drop a link to your Krogering post in the Mr. Linky box at the bottom of my Let's Go Krogering! post; this is a weekly feature every Tuesday here at The New Frugal Mom - come join the fun; there are lots of deal-savvy bloggers adding to the Let's Go Krogering! post each week. (Thanks everyone!)

I also spent $13.70 (saved $18.64, or 58%) on Sunday, 3/1, stocking up on the Pillsbury roll deal as well as the Starkist Tuna deal from last week and I made a quick run to Kroger today for strawberries, special light bulbs for our stair fixture, and some pop (a rare treat for my kiddos!) for a total of $6.03 spent and $0.72 (10%) saved.

Weekly Totals:

Spent: $101.06
Saved: $97.15, or 49%

Phew! I blew my weekly budget challenge of $90/week for March by over $11 but I'm not too worried; there are weeks when the deals are scarcer plus we need more, thus my spending is a bit higher. I'll keep plugging away and see what happens!

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How'd you do saving at the stores this week? It feels GOOD to save - share your success in a comment!

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