Saturday Savings Roundup: March 23-29

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Spent: $92.67
Saved: $52.57, or 36%

I also made a second trip to Kroger this week because we have a family guest visiting this weekend. I stocked up on more goodies and - *gasp* - I had nary a coupon with me. I know, I know...but sometimes we all fall prey to the convenience of a "dash-in" trip; I managed to shop the sale items so it wasn't all bad. ;-)

Kroger, Trip #2:

Spent: $33.81
Saved: $18.06, or 35%

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Weekly totals:

Spent: $126.48

Saved: $70.63, or 35%

My monthly budget challenge for this month was $360 or $90/week so I've gone over that challenge amount this week by a wide mile. That's ok; I challenge myself to keep my motivation groovin' and to see if I can save the difference if I succeed. My grocery budget still has room for the same $400/month for the five of us with or without the added contest with myself.

So I'm over my budget challenge this week and have been for three weeks this month, but I had one very low week that balances the other three out. I'll crunch my numbers for March and post on them later next week but I imagine I'm fairly close to my $400 budget overall. That works for me!

Everyone's budget - just like everyone's family - looks different. My goal in sharing this is to help and to inspire newbies by showing that you absolutely *can* save about 50% off your grocery bill each month with some diligent sales-watching and coupon clipping.

With a few good sites, a collection of Sunday insert coupons and internet printables, and an hour or two, you can really cut your grocery budget as well!

How'd you do this week?

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