Blessed Am I: Watching My Children Grow in Faith

Posted by Marianne Thomas | 4/26/2009 06:05:00 AM | | 1 comments »

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Today, my daughter celebrates her First Communion. She is so very excited for this special sacrament in the Catholic Church.

Yesterday, I helped with the Jesus Day Retreat/First Communion Practice for her and all the other second graders who will make their First Communion in the coming days at our Church. All the kids put on skits (with help from the parent volunteers) acting out infamous Bible stories (The Good Samaritan, The Lost Sheep, etc) and she was full of answers when asked what Jesus meant by each parable. Up in church, she was full of excitement and anticipation as she practiced for the special First Communion Mass today.

I grew up in a Catholic extended family but one of my parents is not Catholic and is more of an agnostic than anything else. It made for an interesting upbringing to say the least.

What I took away from my own faith formation is simply this: God likes us to ask questions. He's always willing to listen when we doubt and He never, ever, ever gives up on us even when we take a break from Him.

I've never doubted God's presence in my life but I have grown deeper in my own faith as I've walked through this life. Meeting my husband Knute {and feeling smacked upside the head by God with the certainty that Knute was The One} helped to lead my down the path to a richer faith life.

It's wonderful to see my daughter so engaged by her own growing faith at a young age. I know that life will become more complicated as she grows older and more aware of the injustices and tragedies perpetuated in this world; she will have her own questions and doubts to muddle through as I did.

I just hope she remembers what we've told her:

People quit on God every day but He NEVER quits on us.

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  1. Katie D // April 27, 2009 2:01 PM  

    Congratulations!! I begin RCIA classes in May. It's so wonderful to hear your stories!