A Ham Jam!! Get $20 off Ham wyb $40 in Unilever Products

Posted by Marianne Thomas | 4/03/2009 11:30:00 AM | , | 1 comments »

I popped over to visit my friends Tricia and Cortney over at Once a Month Mom (they do some serious cooking once a month, those girls - they'll teach you how to do it, too!) and was thrilled to see their post today about the upcoming deal on ham courtesy of MakingLifeBetter.com.

It looks like we'll see a deal in Sunday's paper for $20 off ham when you buy $40 in Unilever (think Lipton tea, Ragu, Country Crock, etc) products. There are coupons out for these products as well as the likelihood of coupons coming for these products this Sunday, too.

If you haven't bought your Easter ham yet {here I am, waving my arm wildly!!}, this deal should make getting Easter dinner on the table less expensive.

Thanks so much for the heads up on this, Once a Month Mom!

To see the full post over at Once a Month Mom, click here.

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  1. wordsbyanne // April 5, 2009 6:55 AM  

    I may try to work this deal, but we already have 2 hams in the freezer from a sale somewhere last Fall. And this is why I could never be a vegetarian - I love ham way too much.