I first came across CaptureTheMagic.com during Christmas this past December. I stumbled across and ad showing how you could upload a picture of your Christmas tree or stockings and then digitally add a picture of Santa Claus. I clicked around and looked at all the creative ways other customers had created their own pictures and was hooked by this fun idea to keep the childhood magic alive.

My oldest is 7.5 years and she still believes in Santa, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny...but lately, she's been asking some very pointed and thoughtful questions about all of them. It's clear to me that I won't be able to hold out the ruse much longer.

But, I just might with the help of CaptureTheMagic.com; for $9.95 you get to customize your "Gotcha!" Easter Bunny photo and download it to your computer.

I see a fun *fun* family idea in this: I plan on having my daughter "help" me set up a trap for the Easter Bunny; I'll leave my digital camera "set up" nearby. Then I'll download and upload the finished photo. I can't wait to see her face -- and the faces of my two little boys as well!

CaptureTheMagic.com also offers an affiliate program of which I am a member. You should know that and you should also know that I joined as an affiliate last Christmas because I like and use this product myself. If you want to join as an affiliate yourself, check it out! They also offer a Charitable Causes option for their affiliate program which would be great for a church webpage.

I'll let you know how my CaptureTheMagic.com picture turns out and just how my kiddos react on Easter morning!

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  1. Anonymous // April 8, 2009 8:04 PM  

    That's so cool and fun, thanks for sharing